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8 Behaviors In The Relationship That You Should Never Put Up With

8 Behaviors In The Relationship That You Should Never Put Up With

When we fall in love, everything seems so perfect and we assume that love will be enough to help us overcome all obstacles.

But as things start to get a little more serious, you understand that there are other things that need to work for a relationship to work out.

Although every relationship is different and has its own rules, there are some behavior patterns that you should never tolerate, despite the intensity of love you may be feeling for your partner. Here are 8 of them.

1. Disrespect

Besides love, the basis for every successful relationship is respect. That means that your partner should respect you not just as his girlfriend but also as a woman and a human being.

Even when the two of you disagree about something, it is never OK for him to act like he is above you. If your partner depreciates you and uses any opportunity to diminish you, he definitely doesn’t have enough respect for you and that is something you shouldn’t put up with.

2. Immaturity

If you are looking for a stable, long-term relationship, you need a mature partner in order to achieve it. That means that the two of you should be equals in everything.

The same way you shouldn’t allow him to act like he is above you, he also shouldn’t act like a child, incapable of making any life decisions. Immaturity can be cute when you are in your teen years but when you are older, it becomes a burden.

Remember, you need a partner, not a child.

3. Emotional unavailability

When you are in a relationship where you want to commit, the least you deserve is to have someone with similar intentions.

One thing you should never settle for is having a partner who represents himself as emotionally unavailable and who has commitment issues.

It is perfectly OK to walk away from someone like this, because you deserve a man who will give you his entire heart and not someone who will play mind games with you and make you beg for his love.

4. Controlling behavior

Even when you are in a serious relationship, you are still an independent individual and that is something you should always remember.

One thing you should never tolerate is having a partner who has the desire to control you in any way.

Of course, every successful relationship is based on compromise, and you can’t expect to do everything your way, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on having your own will and do everything that he tells you.

5. Jealousy

At the beginning of the relationship, a little bit of jealousy can be sweet. You probably think that this guy has obviously fallen head over heels for you and that he can’t control his jealousy.

But, later in the relationship, too much jealousy can cause you much trouble. It usually reveals a lot, including your partner’s possessiveness and insecurities and is definitely something you shouldn’t tolerate.

6. Excuses

Remember—where there is a will, there is a way. That means that it’s time to stop justifying your boyfriend and accepting his excuses.

Your relationship should never be based on waiting for the other person to come to his senses and to realize there are some things he needs to do for you and for the benefit of your partnership.

Therefore, if you are involved with a guy who is constantly making excuses for not being there for you, for not returning your phone calls, for being with other girls, etc. and he refuses to man up and take full responsibility for his actions, they are things you shouldn’t tolerate.

7. Manipulation

When you are in a mature relationship, you both have your own free will and opinions about everything.

Something you should never put up with is your partner trying to emotionally manipulate you, to get whatever it is that he wants from you.

That means that you should never tolerate him blackmailing or ghosting you, because that is him playing with your intelligence.

8. Lying

Another behavior pattern that undermines your intelligence is lying and that is something you should never tolerate either. Honesty is a basis of a healthy relationship and the truth should always be said out loud, even if it’s painful and heartbreaking.

You may think that lying is normal from time to time but if your partner doesn’t feel the need to be honest with you all the time, maybe you should rethink your relationship.