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8 Legit Reasons To Not Text Him Back (Ever Again)

8 Legit Reasons To Not Text Him Back (Ever Again)

Some guys really don’t deserve your time. Some, on the other hand, deserve your full attention.

Your main task here is to distinguish these two and give your attention to those who are serious about you.

If you are struggling to resist your desire to text him back, listen to what I have to say.

I am sure you will change your opinion after you read these reasons.

1. He reaches out only when he is bored

I am sure you don’t want to be someone he will text only when he is bored.

He is probably reaching out because he wants something from you.

If he texts you late in the night, it is a sign that you’re just a booty call to him and that is something you shouldn’t accept, even it is just for fun.

You don’t want him to think that he can have you whenever he wants and that you are an easy girl.

So, whatever you do, don’t text him anything. Don’t even text him to brush him off.

By ignoring him, you will show him that he can’t have you whenever he wants, but that you are the one who runs this game.

2. He hurt you before

If he hurt you before and he didn’t apologize, you shouldn’t text him back.

He could have picked up the phone and called you to give an explanation for his behavior.

One text won’t change anything. It is just proof of his zero effort for you.

Trust me, maybe it will be hard for you to resist texting him, but if you do it now, you will regret it later.

You will feel bad for texting him and letting him lead you on once again. Please don’t do it; show him that you respect yourself. Let him see what he lost!

Only in that way will he leave you alone and not bother you again.

3. He is just a fuckboy

If you didn’t know that he is a fuckboy but you know it now, it is reason good enough not to text him back.

He doesn’t have any shame and he will text you just to see if you are in the mood for him to stop by at your place.

He probably wants a quickie before he goes out with his friends where he will hit on every girl who crosses his path.

But since you know what he is really like, I suggest you just delete his message and go back to your own responsibilities.

You surely have more important things to do than think about him. Truth to be told, he is not really worth it. Actually, he has never been.

4. He never texts you back

If you were always the one who texted him back while he would never do something like that, instead making you stare at an empty screen, you should definitely not answer any of his texts.

Why would you make some effort for the guy who is only interested in getting laid? 

You deserve so much more than a fuckboy whose only interest is to lead women on. 

He is definitely not hubby material and he will never be. Enough said. So, do yourself a favor and don’t text him ever again.

5. You deserve better

The most important reason why you shouldn’t text him back is that you know what kind of a man he is and that you deserve better.

You don’t deserve someone who will make you wonder if you are good enough or worthy enough.

You shouldn’t bother your pretty little head over a man who can’t decide what he wants. Apply the no contact rule and move on. You can also block him or wait for him to block you.

If he can’t see your worth, there is someone who will be able to see it.

And you should give your energy to that kind of a man, not to someone who likes you just because of the way you look.

You deserve a man who will love you on the inside just like he loves you on the outside.

6. You know his real intentions

If you know his motives for texting you, then you already know that you shouldn’t text him back.

If his real intentions are bad and he just wants to take advantage of you, there is no need to have any kind of communication with him.

He is not someone who would stand by you to help you feel better.

He isn’t someone who would be proud of your business and private successes.

He is not a man you can show in public because he would probably humiliate you on purpose.

That’s why you shouldn’t have any contact with him – maybe one of the best things you can do is to delete his phone number.

7. His actions speak louder than his words

He told you he will call you back, but he never did. He told you that he will always be there for you, but he can’t even respond to your text message.

He told you that he loves you, but he did it all for you to feel like a piece of shit. What does this say about him?

It is just a sign that he will never do what he says he will and you simply can’t rely on him.

No matter how many times he says he cares about you, his actions actually speak much louder than his words, and that is a fact you can’t ignore.

8. Your gut tells you that you shouldn’t waste your time on him  

If your inner voice tells you that you shouldn’t waste your time on him and that sooner or later he will lead you on, you should probably believe it.

Women are known to have a sixth sense and we can feel when something is off.

So, if you feel bad in his company and think he is taking advantage of you, that is probably the case.

The most important things are that you don’t settle for less than you deserve and you listen to your heart because it will always show you the right path.