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8 Obvious Signs You’re Not Enjoying Sex With Your Partner

8 Obvious Signs You’re Not Enjoying Sex With Your Partner

You are not the one who initiates sex

If you are not the one who initiates sex and if you are never in the mood for it, it means that you don’t enjoy it so much.

You should take some time and see where the problem is. Have you had enough of your partner? Did he do something that made you feel uncomfortable?

Do you feel you lost the emotional bond with him? There are many reasons why you don’t enjoy sex with him.

And it is up to you if you will do something about it and save your relationship or you will just give up everything.

You think he only fulfills his needs

You somehow can’t enjoy sex with your partner because you don’t feel any emotional connection, and you think he has sex just to fulfill his needs.

You believe that he really doesn’t love you enough, and you start transforming into a depressed girl.

You don’t know what happened to you two, and you want to bring back the old spark into your relationship.

But that won’t be enough if both of you won’t make some effort.

You can’t tell him about your wishes in bed

If you are not brave enough to tell your man what you want in bed, then something is wrong in your relationship.

People in happy and healthy relationships can be totally honest with their loved ones because that is natural.

But if you don’t feel that way, you should at least try to change things.

Be open with your man about your feelings because that is the only way you can solve any problems you have.

You fantasize about another man while having sex with your partner

If you fantasize about another man while you are having sex with your man, it means that something is really wrong.

If you are in love and if you feel close to your partner, there shouldn’t be another guy on your mind while you are having sex with your man.

That is a sign that you don’t love him anymore and that you just accept to have sex with him because he initiated it. And that kind of a game can’t continue for too long.

You can’t wait for it to finish

When you have sex with your partner, you actually don’t do all those nice things that most women do.

You don’t kiss him nor tell him some dirty words to turn him on better.

You just act like a starfish and wait for him to do all the work. You even don’t want to try new make out positions during foreplay, but you just go with the flow.

You seem pretty much uninterested, and you can’t wait for him to come, so you can go to sleep. Hint: In case you didn’t realize, your relationship is falling apart.

You can’t get any satisfaction

You can’t feel any bond with your partner, and you don’t feel fulfilled after sex. You don’t feel rushes of adrenaline and happiness at the same time.

You simply feel uninterested, and you want it to finish as soon as possible.

You just remember days when you were happy with your man and when you two were having sex wherever you could, sharing incredible sexual tension every time you would meet.

Now, things have changed, and you are okay with that. It looks like you’ve already accepted the end of your relationship and that you are okay with it.

You shut down your partner’s every attempt to have sex

Even if your man wants to have sex with you, you always find excuses to not do it. You keep lying that you have a headache and that you had an awful day at work.

After you do that, your man fights with you and doesn’t talk to you for some time, but you actually don’t feel bad about it.

Words like: “Why is he ignoring me?” never cross your mind, and you feel some sort of freedom wherever he is not there.

In situations like this, most couples break up, but if you think there is still some hope, you can work on your relationship, and save what can be saved.

You can’t get turned on by your partner

If you feel that you are not attracted to your partner anymore, you should think twice if you really want to stay with him or not.

If he can’t satisfy you as you need it, then what is the point of being with him?

Also, if you two don’t understand each other and can’t help each other, you should really think about starting a new chapter of your life with someone else.

Staying in a bad relationship is like drinking toxicity every day and hoping things will change. They never change unless you do something about them.