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8 Reasons Why Women SHOULDN’T Play Hard To Get

8 Reasons Why Women SHOULDN’T Play Hard To Get

To be honest, I don’t believe in playing games right from the start when it comes to relationships. I mean, a relationship is hard as it is, right?

There are two people trying so hard to find a balance and to communicate properly, so why make it harder by faking your feelings? It’s much easier to be upfront about how you feel than to calculate how many minutes you need to wait before you text him back.

That’s why, for all my lady friends out there who think that playing hard to get is going to bring them success in their love life, here are some reasons to rethink that.

Most men don’t ‘love the chase’

If you’re crushing on a guy who is ambitious and has plans for his life, he won’t want to waste time chasing a girl who’s playing games with him.

He wants a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Girls play games, women take action.

He’ll be more interested

The other day, I sat down with a couple of my guy friends and they told me that if they see a woman interested in them, they start being interested in her more. It means that she has seen something in them that made her fall for them.

So playing hard to get only drives them away. It’s like knowing that she’s not interested enough to actually start a conversation.

It’s different

We all agree that men love women who stand out from the crowd, women who are different from the rest.

So men are used to being the pursuers, that’s why it’s a challenge to meet a girl who doesn’t play hard to get. It’s interesting and it’s something new and it makes them want her even more.

He really does want you

If he’s interested in you just because he can’t have you, he will be pursuing someone else the moment he sees that he has obtained your heart.

If you’re honest about your feelings and he returns the favor, then you will know that he really does want you and he’s not playing games with you either.

It doesn’t make you less feminine

If a man plays the pursuer it means that he holds all the cards and that he’s the dominant one, right? Wrong.

Saying how you feel and being honest about what you think of someone isn’t a game of power. It’s about honesty.

Missed opportunities

You’ve been daydreaming about that guy’s butt for weeks but he can’t seem to take the hint that you’re interested in him, right? Well, how could he if you’re calculating how much time needs to pass between dates?

Don’t just sit around playing mind games with him, go out and get that butt! Otherwise you will miss out on so many wonderful men who are ready to love you, just because you weren’t able to show enough interest.

They respect themselves, too

I’m not taking their side, but men do have a lot of self-respect. If they need to run after you for weeks, maybe even months because you are too insecure to say that you’re interested, then they will just walk away. It’s that easy.

Be yourself

When did liking someone become a crime? Enjoy yourself, have fun! Be honest about your feelings and who you are!

There’s no one out there who’s even nearly as wonderful as you are, so embrace it!