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8 Signs Your Friend Is Secretly Jealous Of You

8 Signs Your Friend Is Secretly Jealous Of You

All of us have friends but the question is if those friends are real or fake. You see, a real friend will never be jealous of you but a fake one will definitely be if they see that you are more successful than they are.

If they see that you have a better job, better partner or a higher salary, they will secretly want to have all that themself.

Plus, if you are a good-looking lady who turns on all men as soon as they see you, you can bet that every female girlfriend will want to be in your shoes.

So, how do you really know if your friend is jealous of you? Are there some obvious signs that can tell you that your friendship is not as strong as it used to be?

Worry no more because I am showing you the list of things every girl who is jealous of you will do; it is just a matter of time when she does.

1. She is extremely competitive

The girl you used to know before has changed so much. She isn’t as easy-going as before and you can’t lean on her anymore.

Now, she is extremely competitive and wants to be the winner on every occasion.

That means she will compete with you in every single field of your life.

She will want to look better than you, she will want to have a better job or more friends than you.

If you see your friend is behaving like this, you can be sure that something is wrong with your friendship.

The best thing to do is to sit and talk to her openly because that is the only way you can solve any problems.

2. She fakes being happy for you


If you see that your friend is acting all distant and not reacting well to the good things that happen to you, it is an obvious sign that she is quite jealous.

Also, when you tell her about something nice that happened to you, she has that fake smile on her face and you can see that she is not happy for you.

You can also see that by the things she will tell you after your great successes. She will probably not say too much and what she does say won’t be heart-warming at all.

3. She judges you for everything that you do

If your friend tells you that you shouldn’t do something or that you have done something in a bad way, it means that she is jealous of you.

She is probably thinking about how successful and amazing you are and she just wants to be in your shoes.

She is not best friend material if she can’t handle some ups and downs in her life because you will always be a person she will blame when things don’t go in her favor.

4. She is possessive


When your best friend starts being possessive overnight, it means that she is not happy with her life and that she is blaming you for that.

She wants to keep her things to herself and she doesn’t share anything with you anymore.

On the other hand, you still want to lend her your clothes and your shoes because that’s what friends do from time to time.

5. She doesn’t support you

You can still remember when the two of you were the biggest support to each other but now all of a sudden things have changed.

She is not the same girl anymore who supported you through your life.

Now she judges you for everything and doesn’t want to be with you when you are experiencing bad moments in your life.

6. She doesn’t want to be near you

If your friend avoids you for no reason, it is a big, red flag that something is wrong.

If she was a person you could lean on every time in your life before but she just vanished from your life now, she is probably jealous of you.

Maybe you achieved some things that she also wanted to achieve but failed and that’s why she envies you.

If you see that she is avoiding you, not just for a couple of days but longer than that, you can be sure that she has a problem with you, so the best thing to do would be to talk to her about what is bothering her.

7. She humiliates you in front of others

For some reason, she wants you to feel bad when you are with her. That’s why she will humiliate you in front of your other friends and in that way, she will feel superior.

She is probably doing all that because she feels neglected by some of your friends and because she wants to be in the spotlight again.

This is not a way a true friend should behave so think twice about if you still want to keep her in your life.

8. She gives you bad advice

A friend who is jealous of you will deliberately give you bad advice so you don’t succeed in what you are doing.

She does this because she wants to be better than you and because this is an easy way to compete with you.

This is definitely a sign that she is extremely jealous of you and that she wants to see you down.

Even if you considered her a best friend for a long time, maybe it is time to change your mind and be more careful when choosing your friends.