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8 Signs You Are More Than Just A Fling To Him

8 Signs You Are More Than Just A Fling To Him

When you meet a guy, you can’t immediately see whether he is interested in you enough to ask you to be his date or if he just wants to take advantage of you and then move on to another girl.

That’s why you need to pay attention to his body language and the things he says in different situations.

In that way, you will find out even more than he is willing to show and you will know whether he sees you as just a fling or if he wants a serious relationship with you.

Here are some proven signs that he is interested in you more than you thought and that he really cares about you

He treats you like a lady

When a guy treats you like a lady, he wants you to feel good when you’re in his company.

He wants to please you in every possible way and show you that a life with him is definitely something that you have to try.

A man like this cares about you and he wants to forge a deeper bond with you.

He is not interested in being with you for just one night but he wants to get to know you better and establish a long-term relationship with you.

He talks openly with you

For him, there is nothing that he can’t say in front of you because he thinks of you as his best friend and a potential life partner.

He is comfortable enough to reveal his darkest secrets to you because he knows that all of them will be safe with you.

You are everything that he has been looking for and he will show you that with his affection and his care.

He calls you first when something good happens to share his happiness with you, and the same goes when he experiences life problems.

He wants to get to know you better

A man like this won’t just ask superficial questions to kill time; he will want to know more about you and the things that make you happy.

His main goal is to get to know you better so he can fulfill your dreams. He wants to have a long-term relationship with you because there is something that he really likes about you.

Leaving you to another man would be such nonsense so he tries everything to win you over.

He respects your opinion

No matter whether there is an important decision in front of him or not, he will cherish your opinion.

It means that a man like this thinks that you are extremely smart and he wants you to help him decide what is best for him.

If he sees you as a fling, he won’t even try to ask for your opinion but in this way, he is showing that he really cares about you and that he wants you to be only his. 

He goes out in public with you

You see, when a guy sees you as just a fling, he definitely won’t go out in public with you. He will probably meet you at a hotel to get what he wants and that’s it.

But a guy who really wants to commit to you will be sincere with you from the start. He will wear his heart on his sleeve and he will want you to know that.

A guy like this is rare so if you have a chance to meet him, don’t let him go. Ever!

He will take it slow

A guy who respects you won’t hurry anything. He will give you time to think things over and he will respect every decision that you make.

He finds you to be a high-value woman and he knows that nothing that is good can be earned overnight.

A man like this knows that it takes time for the right things to happen so he will wait until you are ready for the important things.

He introduces you to his parents

If a guy introduces you to his parents, you can bet that he is serious about the two of you.

He is allowing you to meet the most important people in his life and it is an obvious sign that he has big plans for you.

Maybe he is already thinking about putting a ring on it and he wants to prepare you for new people in your life.

He makes compromises for you

It is not an easy thing to make a man make compromises in a relationship.

If your man is willing to find the middle ground with you, it is a proven sign that he is interested in you and that he doesn’t want to lose you.

In fact, he will do anything to make you his and making compromises is a good place to start.

He doesn’t have a problem going the extra mile for you because you are more than worth it.