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8 Surefire Signs He Is Nothing But A Fuckboy In Disguise

8 Surefire Signs He Is Nothing But A Fuckboy In Disguise

He says how amazing you are the first time he sees you

Hmm, if this is not a sure sign that you are dealing with a fuckboy who just wants to get in your pants, I don’t know what is.

Let’s get something straight—you need to actually SPEND some time with a person to conclude if they are amazing or not, you can’t just say it the second you meet them.

But when we are talking about a fuckboy, nothing is forbidden. And the worst part of it is that they actually don’t feel ashamed when doing it.

They will look straight into your eyes and tell you how amazing and beautiful you are and when you tell them that you know they are lying, they will just ignore you and continue on their own.

He only texts you when it is convenient

You will see that you are dealing with a fuckboy if the only time he wants to talk to you is between 2 and 5 A.M.

During those hours he has nothing to do, so he is just checking if you are available to turn him on over a text.

He knows that if you like him, you will be happy that he remembered you and that you will write him back.

That will boost his ego and he will think that he can have any girl he likes.

Don’t fall for his lies and his mind games and if you see a sign like this, run as far as you can.

He only seems interested if you behave like a bad girl

If you send him a flirty text, he will be more interested in you because his main goal is to bring you to bed. So, don’t surprise if he asks you to send him some nudes.

That is a way to satisfy himself when you are not around, so he will take any opportunity that he gets.

You can also try to test him and send him a flirty text to provoke him, and if you see that he is nice to you only when you are like that, you can be sure that he is a real fuckboy in disguise.

He disappears

Every fuckboy will leave you if you are not interesting to him.

Unless you are going to take off your clothes, do a striptease in front of him and after that give him some head, he will leave you as easy as he leaves an empty can of beer.

This is one of the surest signs that he is just playing with you and that he never really liked you.

He only liked the idea of his penis in your vagina but since you were clever enough not to let him do it, he decided to try his luck with another woman.

He is on his phone all the time

A man who takes care of you will dedicate some time to you and he will put his phone away.

But a fuckboy will want to know where every girl from his Facebook contacts is now and if there is a possibility for him to see her.

That’s why he will always check his phone to see if someone is texting him and to see if there are any dirty texts.

So, if you see that he is neglecting you and spends more time on his phone even if he asked you to go out, do yourself a favor and stay away from him.

He tells you to wear sexy outfits

If a guy tells you to dye your hair to look like a playboy bunny, it means that he is just into your body.

A man like that doesn’t want to explore your heart and your soul but just wants to get laid.

If you catch him telling you that you should wear tight dresses and high heels when meeting him, you can be positive that he is just a fuckboy in disguise.

Hope you won’t fall for his lies and that you will save yourself from heartbreak by erasing him from your life.

He tells you how great he is in bed

When a guy shows off with his skills in bed, it means that he doesn’t have a clue about women and their needs.

He might be telling you that he pleased all women before you and that you will be pleased when you come to bed with him, but there is a big chance that he will just lay down in bed and expect you to do all the work.

Don’t you see that everything he says has nothing to do with common sense?

He tells you that other girls are cute

If you catch him staring at other girls while he is out with you, you can be positive that he is just a fuckboy who doesn’t deserve you.

By doing that, he shows zero respect for you and he just tries to see if there is another girl better than you.

He prefers girls with big butts and boobs, so if you don’t have them, he will just turn his back on you and move on to another victim.

The good part about him doing this is that he won’t be there to make your life a living hell and you will break free from him.