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All The Love You’ve Given Will Come Back To You Someday

All The Love You’ve Given Will Come Back To You Someday

When you look at your life from this point of view, you can’t help but notice that you’ve always been the one who’s loved more and the one who’s cried more.

The one who was giving your entire self to the wrong men, without ever getting anything in return.

Somehow, you were always the one who waited, the one who chased, the one who sacrificed everything, the one who always forgave and the one who was giving endless second chances.

But despite this, you were also the one who ended up getting hurt and the one who got her heart broken.

And where is the justice in that? What did you get for always being the better person? For all that unconditional love you’ve given away through the years?

Well, let me tell you one thing. Even though you won’t believe me, karma really does exist.

The Universe has its way of balancing things, and it gives us all exactly what we deserve.

I’m sure you’ve heard people telling you that what you reap is what you sow.

You’ve never sown anything besides true love and that is exactly what you’ll reap (get back), sooner or later.

The Universe will repay you for all the pain you’ve experienced. It will heal your heart when you least expect it, and it will make you understand that everything that you went through happened for a reason.

Remember all those tears you cried for some guy who never deserved you? Well, they will be replaced with moments of laughter and with an honest smile on your face.

Remember when you felt unwanted and not loved enough? All of this will be forgotten when one day, a man who will give you his entire heart, walks in your life. A man who will love all of you, no matter what.

Remember how you wondered why you weren’t enough for your ex?

Well, one day, there will come a man who will recognize your worth and who will do his best to show you how valuable you are to him.

A man who will never try to make you feel insecure and a man who will love you not despite your imperfections but because of them.

Remember how you wasted years of your life praying for some guy to come back into your life? Trust me—all those prayers will be answered. But no, that doesn’t mean he will come crawling back to you.

Instead, you’ll forget all about him when you meet someone who will never even think of walking away from you.

Remember how you desperately wanted your ex to put a label on your relationship?

Well, there will come a man who will be more than happy to commit to you and who will be more than proud to call you his girlfriend.

All those nights you’ve spent alone in bed, thinking about some asshole, will be forgotten once you find yourself sleeping in the arms of the man who loves you.

All those days you’ve waited for someone to make up his mind about you will be replaced with years next to a man who will be more than proud to have you.

All those mixed signals and mind games will be replaced with someone who will always be certain about you.

With a man who will never make you question his feelings and who will never make you feel like you are alone in a relationship .

All those heartbreaks you’ve been through will be a part of the past once you meet the man who will fix your shattered soul.

The man who will pick up your broken pieces and who will help you heal.

When this man comes, he’ll love you the way you’ve always loved others and the way you deserve to be loved.

He’ll give you everything you’ve been craving and more.

When this man comes, you’ll ask yourself what you did to deserve him.

And that is when you’ll be grateful for all the pain you’ve experienced.

That is when you’ll understand that everything happens for a bigger cause and that you would have never known how to appreciate this happiness if it hadn’t been for all of that sadness.

That is when you’ll realize that all the love you gave away really did find its way back to you.