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8 Things All Strong Women Deserve In A Relationship

8 Things All Strong Women Deserve In A Relationship

Sure, compromises are great and necessary most of the time, but who says you should do it all the time and satisfy yourself with mediocrity when you aspire to greater and better?

You can’t put all of your trust in fate and let things go “they way they were supposed to go”. Such things don’t exist. Your relationship will be as successful as you want it to be.

If you nourish it, it will grow, and if you don’t take care of it, it will fail.

Compromise is necessary, and you should give as much as you take, but there are some things that become essential, things that you need as well as things that he needs.

If you know your values and every strong woman does, then you’ll ask these things from him which you absolutely deserve:

1. You deserve empathy

Despite the fact you are strong and independent, you deserve empathy. You are not made of stone. You are not cold and reserved. You are extremely emotional, but you know how to keep it to yourself.

You deserve a man who understands how you feel and who supports your emotions as if they were his own.

A strong woman deserves a man who looks at things from her perspective and tries to understand how she feels. This kind of communication and understanding is the solid foundation of every healthy relationship, and all women deserve that including you.

2. You deserve to be respected

Where there is no respect, there is no love. What every woman needs in a relationship is respect above all. And when she feels she has it, she will give her unconditional love in return.

If a man doesn’t treat his woman the way he should, if he doesn’t listen to her or value her opinion, she will feel less worthy. She will feel like he is better than her. This will affect her self-esteem and the overall image of herself.

You, just like all the women out there, deserve this respect, and with respect comes love.

3. You deserve a man’s attention

It’s not healthy to get all of the attention he has because it can easily turn you into a possessive and needy creature. But, you know that, and you ask for only the amount of attention that you deserve.

If he starts prioritizing other things above you, then you have a problem. It usually starts with small things which you don’t even notice, but after some time, it grows into something much bigger and more serious.

After some time, you can’t stop it, and your relationship becomes about everything but you, and you don’t deserve that.

You deserve a man who will drop everything when you need him. Someone who will put you before anything else. Why? Just because he loves you.

4. You deserve to be free

Despite your independence, you deserve to have a life outside of your relationship, and so does he. You are two individuals that have lived quite a long time in this world all by themselves. Being in a relationship doesn’t change that.

Sure, some things you will do together, but you have to leave some space for being yourself. You deserve that.

You don’t have to be the center of your man’s universe, and on the other hand, it’s not healthy either.

5. You need someone as driven as you

You need someone who has goals as you do. Someone who has dreams and doesn’t want to give up on them. You need someone who will work hard to get what he wants.

You need someone who matches you in how driven you are to accomplish something.

You are far from lazy, and you don’t deserve a man who lies around all day doing nothing and watching you trying hard.

6. You deserve communication

You deserve a man who wants to talk about problems. It’s generally known that men are not bigf talkers and that they usually seek solitude when they have something on their minds.

That is more than okay, but after they deal with whatever is bugging them, they have to come and talk to you. If they don’t, you’ll slowly lose track of the person he is. You won’t be able to recognise him. He will slowly become a stranger.

You deserve communication in your relationship because communication is the main key to relationship’s success.

7. You deserve to be trusted

He is not the first man you’ve met so far. You’ve hung out with guys before, and some of them have stayed a part of your life. You deserve a man who doesn’t have a problem with that.

You deserve a man who understands that you had a life before him. Someone who is not jealous. A little jealousy is perfectly fine, but if that jealousy grows bigger, it can turn out to be a serious problem.

You deserve someone who trusts you; someone who is aware that you chose him over all the men in the world. You deserve someone who is confident and doesn’t let his insecurities affect your relationship.

8. You deserve loyalty

Simply put, you deserve a loyal man. You deserve someone who is committed to you; someone who loves you unconditionally.

You deserve someone who will put up with your quirks and learn to love them. Someone who will never try to change you. Someone who will always be there when you need him.