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This Is How You Make Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is How You Make Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

When you get horny, you don’t want to wait even for a moment as you just want to get it done. That means no foreplay, no romance or, most importantly, no talk.

You are focused on one thing and one thing only and that is to have that orgasm you crave so much as soon as possible. You can do it in a standing or sitting position and the place where you do it is not so important to you.

You focus more on the energy and chemistry between you and your partner and satisfying him and yourself in the best ways that exist.

2. Taurus

You are someone who can’t sleep with someone if you don’t love them. So making love for you is really something special.

You never do it with a stranger you meet at a bar but instead with a partner you trust. You like it slow so you can show all your emotions. You like to watch your man enjoying the things you do for him and his satisfaction is more important to you than your own.

You are known by the fact that you like to cuddle after making love and for you that is even more important than actually making love.

3. Gemini

Girl, when you make love, you are on fire. You like all sorts of sex toys that blow your mind when your partner uses them in the right ways. You are pretty impulsive so you can’t wait to start this kind of activity.
You like to dominate and to let your man know that you are the boss there. You like to moan a lot because you know that makes your man come faster.

If you are making love with a long-term partner, you will know everything that he likes and you will provide him with a mind-blowing orgasm, leaving him screaming and begging for more.

4. Cancer

You are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs and that can be seen when you make love. You believe that true soulmates connect through their eyes, so you will want your man to look you in the eyes while you make love.

You want to feel every moment of pleasure that you provide him with and you want him to feel special when he sleeps with you.

You don’t like rough sex but you prefer gentle and sensual lovemaking because that makes you feel so good in your skin. In lovemaking, you like to tell your man how much you love him and that you like to feel him so close to you.

5. Leo

When you make love it always looks different from the last time you did it. You like to learn new things and try them because you hate to get stuck in a routine.

You like to experiment in different ways but sometimes your partner doesn’t accept your conditions and they think that you are too much. But you are driven by the fact that if something is good, you should continue doing it, so you won’t hesitate to let go of your partner if you two don’t get along well in bed.

You are not keen on saying romantic words to your loved one but you are more focused on your own pleasure.

6. Virgo

There is nothing you wouldn’t do for good lovemaking. You don’t have a problem accepting your partner’s ideas regarding this game under the sheets and you always go the extra mile to satisfy his needs.

You are pretty vocal when having sex and in that way you are trying to show your man that you are having the best time of your life. You like to try new things and you practice them no matter how hard they might be.

The last thing you want is to have two positions for the rest of your life. By changing positions, you take your sex life to a whole new level and you are proud of that.

7. Libra

You are very calculated when it comes to lovemaking. If your partner wants something from you, you will ask for the same thing as well because you want the two of you to be equal in all spheres of life.

You sometimes think that flirting is more important than lovemaking because it makes you feel incredibly desirable. And when you have someone who gets your game, the sky is the limit.

After an amazing flirting session, you are ready to transform into a wild beast who will act a little bit crazy under the sheets but that is something you will never be ashamed of.

8. Scorpio

Making love for you is not only a physical thing but you need to want it too. You can’t just make love with your partner because he wants it but you need to be in the mood as well.

You want it to be passionate and special every time and you don’t mind going the extra mile to get what you want. You cherish incredibly every person you sleep with and you always do all that they need to feel special.

Of course, you don’t forget your own needs so if you find someone who fulfills all of them, you will be ready to commit to him since lovemaking and that chemistry between the two of you is of great importance to you in a love relationship.

9. Sagittarius

When you make love, you want to try all possible positions, so in the end it gets pretty messy. Making love with you is full of a lot of fluids, sweating, moaning and different sex toys.

You have an adventurous spirit so you like to try new things with your partner. But the most important thing is that you always listen to what your partner needs and wants and you never cross the line.

You know that good lovemaking can’t be achieved if both sides are not pleased so you always do what works best for both of you.

10. Capricorn

When you make love, all your neighbors wake up. It is impossible to sleep with all that screaming that you produce when you make love.

And you do that not just to show your partner that you are enjoying it but to also get yourself going better. You like spanking and trying different sex positions with your partner because that makes you feel like you made an effort.

You are truly dynamic in bed so none of your lovers can stay ignorant to your sex skills.

11. Aquarius

You are known by the fact that you are always in the mood for making love. Especially if you just started exploring this field with your partner, you will sometimes spend the whole day making love and cuddling.

You like to focus on foreplay so there will be a lot of kissing, hugging and whispering sweet words to your man to make him horny. You like to experiment and every time you do, you feel proud of yourself.

You definitely don’t want to get stuck in two positions forever but instead you want to always learn and explore new things.

12. Pisces

When you make love, you make it a long process. Lovemaking is not only taking off your clothes to you but so much more. You pay attention to details like sexy lingerie, candles, massage or a good movie you will use to cuddle with your man.

After you get his full attention, you will start teasing him and he will go crazy about the way you do it. You two will easily end up making love for a long time and will be enjoying every second of it.

You won’t stop looking into the eyes of the other person and you will do all that you need to make him feel like he’s on cloud nine.