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8 Things That Happen When You Hurt A Strong Girl

8 Things That Happen When You Hurt A Strong Girl

When you hurt a strong girl, you will leave her disoriented.

young worried woman crying

She won’t know what to do in that moment and she will just hide somewhere to cry her eyes out. Because a girl like this has been too strong for too long but she can’t keep doing that anymore.

She needs to get you out of her system. She will scream, she will cry, she will destroy the entire house and she will look like she is insane.

Then she will accept what happened and she will withdraw to a safe place, her oasis of peace to heal and to recover properly.

When you hurt a strong girl, you will make her doubt her decisions.

worried woman sitting by the window

She will start wondering if she made a good decision in her life when she left you.

She will be so mad at herself for letting an asshole like you make her cry and to feel like the unlovable one.

Then she will realize that she is free again and she will see things clearly.

She will thank heaven for giving her another chance to be happy. And this time, she will choose much more cleverly.

When you hurt a strong girl, you will see real passion and courage.

confident woman posing outdoor

She will leave you like she is leaving nothing, with her head held high and without tears in her eyes.

A girl like this knows that something better must be on the way and she can’t wait to see what the future brings her.

When you see her all proud like that, you will feel sorry for even letting her go.

When you hurt a strong girl, be prepared for losing her forever.

sad man standing by the window

She won’t second-guess her decision and she won’t give you another chance.

She cherishes herself enough to leave you where you belong, in her past.

She will delete you from her life and she won’t even mention your name anymore.

That’s how she gets over the fact that you betrayed her love.

When you hurt a strong girl, it will hurt her just for a short period of time.

sad woman in deep minds

She won’t spend the rest of her life wondering if she did something wrong and if she was the one who was guilty of your relationship falling apart.

After she heals, she will move on with her life and she won’t be crying because it is over but she will smile because it happened.

She knows that a relationship with you shaped her into the person she is today and that is something that she wouldn’t change for anything.

When you hurt a strong girl, you are just doing her a favor.

woman breathing deeply

Even if you are not aware of that, you are helping her to become stronger than she already is.

By doing so, you are showing her that she has so many options and that she doesn’t have to commit to the first guy that she bumps into.

You are helping her to realize that life is beautiful and that there are so many things that she can do and that can make her happy and satisfied.

When you hurt a strong girl, she will look straight into your eyes and smile.

smiling woman eating ice cream

She won’t think that her life is over because of one bad decision.

A girl like this will move on because she knows how much she can bring to the table. She knows that with the right man she can shine like the most beautiful diamond.

And she knows that one day, she will make you feel sorry for letting her go.

When you hurt a strong girl, you will realize that you only hurt yourself.

sad man in deep thoughts

You will see that you have lost the girl who actually wanted to be yours.

The one who would love you, respect you and make you happy. You blew another chance to finally experience that kind of love people write books about.

Once you lose the right girl, you will try to find her in every other woman but you will never manage to do that. Because a girl like her is born only once in a lifetime.

8 Things That Happen When You Hurt A Strong Girl


Friday 15th of June 2018

Can i comment that I find this a little difficult to read, because it implies that those of us who don’t walk away with a smile fixed on our faces, or don’t recover well/quickly, that we’re weak?

In fact, in completely contradicts the previous article I read on here, that I found really reassuring.