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8 Things He Will Do ONLY If You Are In A Committed Relationship

8 Things He Will Do ONLY If You Are In A Committed Relationship

When you start a new relationship, it is really hard to know if it will last.

You are not sure if the guy you are dating is the right one or someone who just wants to have some fun and leave.

And while you are stressed about what will happen next, you forget to enjoy the best days with your partner.

You are trying to find signs in his behavior that can confirm he is the one you have been waiting for.

You are not sure where your relationship is heading, and you are trying to figure out if he already committed to you or he is just pretending to get what he wants.

Worry no more because I made a list of the things a man will do only if he is in a committed relationship.

You wanna know more about it? Keep reading!

He will share his opinion without being scared

If a man is committed to you, he will say what is on his mind, without being scared that you won’t like it.

He will be more comfortable with sharing his opinion because he feels good with you, and he knows that you will understand what he wanted to say.

He won’t say what you want to hear like he did a long time ago, but he will be brutally honest with you.

And yes, he will even tell you that you gained some weight when he sees it.

He will pee in front of you

If you are in a committed relationship, your man won’t have any problems peeing in front of you.

In fact, he will be so relaxed that he might even fart in the bathroom while you are having a shower.

That is a sign that he is not ashamed in front of you and that he can be himself.

He doesn’t have any need to pretend in front of you because he is sure that you have accepted him the way he is.

And even though this is a sign that a relationship is heading in the right direction, I don’t know how long you will put up with his farts and burps.

He will make plans for the future with you

When a man is ready to spend the rest of his life with you, he will talk about your future together.

He might even suggest that you start living together to get used to each other’s routine a little bit better.

That is a sign he really wants to try with you and that he is not just passing through your life.

By doing something like this, he shows that he is serious about the relationship with you and that he wants the two of you to really work out.

He will open up to you

When a man is in a committed relationship, he will be open and relaxed about everything that happens in his life.

If he tells you his darkest secrets and if he is emotionally available to you, then he is serious about you two.

He thinks you are his best friend and his lover at the same time, and he feels the peace he craved so much with you.

And to be honest, that is what most men really want in a relationship—someone who won’t judge them and who will accept them just the way they are.

He will cry in front of you

Have you ever seen a man crying just like that? Me neither! It is because guys think that if they cry in public, people will tag them as clingy and too sensitive.

And that is something they don’t want to be, right?

They want others to remember them as macho guys who never cry and who solve their problems in a man’s way.

But when a man is in a committed relationship, he won’t have any problems crying in front of his partner.

And no, that won’t make him look vulnerable. It will be the bravest thing he could ever do.

He will talk about finances in front of you

Guys don’t like to talk about money with strangers, but if your guy starts talking about money with you, it is a sign that he is really serious about you.

He believes he can trust you, and he knows that you won’t tell anyone about his finances.

He might even suggest you save some money for a road trip because he thinks it would be great to have some time alone with you.

So, when he starts talking about dollars with you, just know that he is ready to put a ring on it.

He will act lazy in front of you

Trust me, you will never see a man at the beginning of a relationship acting all lazy in front of you.

Only the one who feels good in his relationship and who got relaxed will show some laziness here and there.

So, if your man tells you you should spend a night at his house watching movies because he doesn’t feel like going out, it is a sign that he is happy in his relationship.

He has actually committed to you, and he already acts like you are married.

So, girls, when your man starts doing something like this, you should know that you did the right thing and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

He uses your things like they are his own

If your guy takes your cell phone to make a phone call or uses your laptop to purchase something, you should know that he does all that because he committed to you.

Maybe he is not yet aware that he did that, but his action speaks more than his words.

He shares all your things, and he lets you use his own.

He will give you his car to finish an errand you need to do, and he will give you his house keys to spend the night there when he is on a business trip.

He trusts you, and he knows that you will take care of his things just like he takes care of yours.