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8 Things That Make Him Go Crazy When You Are Not Around

8 Things That Make Him Go Crazy When You Are Not Around

Your scent

Men simply LOVE the scent of the woman they are in love with. They can smell it every time they kiss you or hug you.

And every time you are not around and when they can’t smell it, they will go crazy because they miss it.

They miss hugging you in bed, firmly keeping you close to them and smelling your hair.

They miss your scent that stays on their body long after you are gone.

And because you are not with them, they will start thinking of you every time they smell your scent.

Your passion

Men like women who are passionate about everything they do.

So, if you leave home for a couple of days, your man will probably miss the way you cook with passion or the fire in your eyes when you are excited about that new project at work.

He will be so sad about not being able to watch you do all those things with great passion, while your eyes grow bigger every time you succeed in something.

Your spontaneity

Guys are pretty simple creatures and they don’t like to play by some rules. They like to act in the moment and they like when their partner is like that.

They don’t want to have an uptight woman next to them telling them how they should behave in a restaurant but they want someone who is relaxed and who feels good in their own skin.

And when you are not there with your charisma and spontaneity, he will go crazy and he won’t be able to wait for you to come home.

Your laugh

Men feel more comfortable with women who laugh more often. In that way, they feel relaxed and feel like everything is fine.

They feel like their partner is happy and satisfied and that their relationship is healthy and good.

So, when you leave your home for some time, your man will probably sit alone and stare at the TV screen.

There won’t be your contagious laughter throughout the house and he will miss it like crazy.

He will remember how you two always have a good time and he will miss everything that you go through on a daily basis.

Your cooking

If your man doesn’t know how to cook, he will probably be hungry while you are absent. Or he will call for a takeout.

But he probably won’t cook alone.

When he thinks about your routine and how you prepare dinner every night while he comes and hugs you from the back, stealing some ingredients and kissing you, he will completely go crazy about you.

He will miss you so much and he won’t be able to wait until you come back.

Your touches

Touch is something that every man finds important.

He likes to touch you when you don’t expect it, which just shows you that he finds you attractive.

And in the moments he is without you, touching you will be something he will miss so much.

It will drive him crazy that you are sleeping somewhere else while he is lying alone in bed not being able to put his arms around you.

He will miss your scent and the way you take his blanket during the night. He will even miss all the things he didn’t like about you.

But when you are gone, they won’t bother him anymore.

You flirting with him

Even if you are in a long-term relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should be stuck in a routine.

You can flirt with your guy and show him that you still have it.

In that way, he will miss your playfulness every time you are not around and it will drive him crazy that he is not able to be with you.

And even if you stay away from home even for just the weekend, he won’t be able to wait for the day when you will come back so he can enjoy those wicked looks and your flirting style that gets him going.

Your confidence

Guys like women with confidence. Period. And that is what needs to be your top priority.

Never let him see you down about something he did but act like it doesn’t bother you. In that way, he will want to please you more and he will go the extra mile to make you happy.

He will think that you are amazingly confident and that you are the kind of woman he wants next to him.

And when you are not there, he will see how other women get offended by small stuff and he will wish you were there with him.

Your confidence will be something that attracts him to you and he will never take a woman like you for granted.