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10 Types Of Boyfriends Who Will Make Your Life Hell

10 Types Of Boyfriends Who Will Make Your Life Hell

Love is hard, as are relationships, especially with all these dating trends such as ghosting and love bombing.

And to top it off, there are some really bad types of men you should avoid like the plague, because they will make your life a living hell.

Even as you’re reading this now, someone popped into your head and you can remember the hell he put you through.

I’m sure that you even know more types of men to add to this list but these are the worst of the worst.

Freshly out of a relationship

These men are never ready to fully commit to you and give you what you need and that’s a steady and healthy relationship.

He’s too stuck in the past to look to the future. Maybe he’s just using you as a rebound girl or he tried to hide the fact that he just got out of a relationship, which is even worse.

He’s not honest with you from the very beginning and you can’t expect a healthy relationship if it was built on dishonest foundations.

The worst thing he can do to you is lead you on until you fall in love madly and deeply, and just when you think that you’re getting there, he’s not ready to move on.

He’s not ready for another serious relationship and the moment he realizes it, he will ghost you.

Unambitious men

Men who have no ambitions will always hold you back. They’re perfectly fine with being stuck in one place, doing nothing and living from day to day.

You can’t expect a future with that kind of man because he’s not interested in working for it.

And even if you try to motivate him, you’ll just end up losing your own motivation.

There’s nothing less attractive than men with no ambitions, especially these days where you need to put in one hell of an effort to make your life good.

Men with anger issues

One moment he’s fine, the next all hell breaks loose. Men with anger issues will hide this for as long as they can but you can actually see the signs of this.

If something isn’t done his way, he gets all nervous, pissed and he shuts down completely.

He’s not interested in talking about it, he’s not interested in looking for a solution. And trust me, the only thing he’s interested in is screaming and punching something.

If you ever come across this type of man, run for your life, because who can say that one day you won’t be the one he punches?


Unlike unambitious men, they are all about work, success and putting in huge amounts of effort.

But what happens when you need him to slow down and just to enjoy the moment with you?

For him, work is the only priority in his life. He can tell you that it’s not like that but when you need him, he’s at work.

When he’s late to dinner, you know he’s at work. When he leaves you hanging, you know he did it because of work.

And you can’t expect him to make you and his relationship with you his priority, because work is the only love of his life that he’s willing to make sacrifices for.

Possessive men

These are the men who act like emotional leeches. Because of their possessiveness, they slowly take away everything you care about.

When you want to spend time with your friends, he guilt-trips you into staying with him.

When you need to see your family, he either goes along or makes you stay home once again.

They’re good at manipulating and getting what they want, which is you. And he practically has no life of his own, so he takes away yours as well.

He will act all clingy and needy, while justifying it with being so in love with you that he can’t think about anything or anyone else.

Emotionally immature men

These men are selfish by nature and generally believe that their way is the only way. And when things don’t go as planned, they pull away and disappear.

They’re never about fixing the problem, that’s not really their thing.

It’s much easier to give up and move on to the next victim.

Another sign of an emotionally immature man is that he’s unable to commit. For him, love is nothing but a game and there’s no need to be serious if you’re just playing.

But the thing is, he’ll be playing with your emotions and your heart, not his.

Control freaks

Also, masters of manipulations and mind games are control freaks. He believes that his way is the only way but he won’t do it obviously.

He will slowly manipulate you into doing things his way that it’s actually terrifying when you think about it.

His game is constant criticism until you start doubting yourself and your knowledge, so you would go to him for help. It makes it so much easier for him to manipulate you further at that point.

He also criticizes your friends and family, assuring you that they’re bad for you and that he is the only one who wants you.

Once his game finishes, he’s the only one you can count on, because he has driven away all the other people from your life.


Fuckboys are good at one thing—seducing women. His game will make you fall head over heels for him and leave you thinking that he’s the only one out there.

He makes you feel like the luckiest woman alive, and the most amazing and most beautiful, and basically he gets you addicted to his love.

But let’s be real, he’s not able to commit. Or love at all, to be honest.

You will fall for him so deeply that once he leaves, it’ll take you eternities to get out of it.

And while you’re with him, you’ll constantly wonder why you can’t keep him and if he is cheating on you.

His inability to stay loyal will take away your confidence and no man is worth that.

Emotionally unavailable men

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone evasive, who constantly makes excuses or simply never talks about their feelings, you know the pain of loving someone emotionally unavailable.

They use criticism, manipulation or anger to create distance between the two of you, which leads to you being depressed, broken or rejected.

When you’re in love with someone emotionally unavailable, you feel like a constant giver, like you’re screaming at a brick wall and nothing is happening.

He won’t even blink, while you’re falling apart on the other side. And that’s what breaks you in the end.


Worst of the worst. A walking hell, a curse with the face of an angel.

They manipulate you into oblivion, making you believe that you are no one and that you should be grateful you have him in your life.

How screwed up it is to be grateful for your abuser but they’re that good at the manipulation game.

He uses you to feel better about himself, stripping you naked of your confidence and self-love until there’s nothing but pain and hatred left. And before you even know it, you have nothing.

You have lost everything that made you who you are and he’s the one who took it.

And spotting a narcissist is not an easy task, that’s why they are so dangerous.

But if you do spot one, run away as fast as you can. He’s nothing but a leech who will leave a trail of pain behind.