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8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

Drinking and texting is an issue. But drinking and dialing is a recipe for a real catastrophe (at least in the mind of the doer). 

It’s interesting how we’re rarely tempted to do certain things when we’re sober but when alcohol kicks in, we find ourself doing things we never imagined doing beforehand.

And after you’ve done it, you feel like the only thing you can do is recall the shameful event and pray to God that they didn’t take you seriously. You swear that you’ll never get drunk again and you’ll get rid of your phone for good.

But we all know that these are lies and the chance that you’re going to repeat the same mistake is pretty high. But even if it comes to this again, there are some things that can help you cope with this act of incidental embarrassment.

1. Recall the shameful act

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

The first thing that you need to do is try to remember every single word you said on the phone last night. I know everything will be fuzzy in your head but try hard to think of every single detail that happened last night and that will help you remember your call as well.

In order to deal with the issue, first, you need to understand the situation and then cope with it. And you need to understand that it’s not the end of the world, whatever you’ve said to them, and you shouldn’t punish yourself for that.

2. Make an evaluation

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

Once you’ve recalled the ‘sinful’ act, it’s time for an evaluation. Pay attention to the context of your words and whether you’ve offended them in one way or another. 

If you realize that what you’ve done is not that bad after all, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just forget about it and move on with your life as if nothing happened.

3. Text them

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

If you’re not sure whether you’ve done something wrong or not, you can always text them in order to test it. Ask something unrelated to your call and wait for them to text you back.

If they don’t reply immediately, don’t start panicking because this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are mad. Perhaps they’re occupied with something else at that moment. Be patient and play it smart.

4. Consider apologizing if needed

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

If they text you back or you’ve somehow figured it out on your own that you fucked it up last night, consider apologizing. You can call them again (but make sure that you’re sober this time) and simply explain that you didn’t mean the things you said to them.

I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to accept the apology and they will understand the situation. After all, I’m sure they’ve done the same thing when they were drunk and they have no reason  to blame you.

5. Leave it in the past

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

After you’ve apologized to them, leave this thing in the past. Even if you didn’t apologize, there’s no need to overthink the same situation again and again because nothing good will come of it.

Know that shit happens and it’s totally normal to make mistakes from time to time and that doesn’t make you sinful. You’re a human being just like everyone else and you’re allowed to fail and rise, fail again and so on. You’re allowed to learn from your mistakes.

6. Ask for help from your friends

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

If you’re afraid that you’re going to repeat the same thing once you get drunk in the future, ask your friends to keep an eye on you when you’re in the act of drinking and having fun with them.

You can also ask them to take your phone away from you for a few hours so that you can be 100% sure that you will not be tempted to dial that unlucky number.

7. Free your mind

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

Also, make sure that your mind is free of any guilt or suppressed emotions and that nothing’s bothering you because when we drink, we do the things we’re afraid of doing when we’re sober.

If you have some issues with someone or with yourself, make sure that you deal with them when you’re sober so that they don’t reappear every time you get drunk.

8. Block them and delete their number from your phone

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’

If all else fails, consider blocking them on social networks and deleting their phone number. You know what they say, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Once you’ve deleted or blocked them, just keep being persistent not to unblock them because that way you’ll never break free from the curse called ‘Drink and Dial’.

8 Things To Do When You ‘Drink And Dial’