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8 Types Of Guys You Never Give A Chance (But Should)

8 Types Of Guys You Never Give A Chance (But Should)

Everyone has made bad choices in their past, but we always seem to stick to some specific types of guys. If you still didn’t meet your Mr. Perfect, maybe it’s because you have never considered him worth your time.

Here are 8 types of guy that you should probably give a chance to if they come into your life:

1. The laid-back guy

He is relaxed and is almost never up for an adrenaline rush or an adventure. He likes to spend his Friday nights on the sofa watching Netflix, rather than going out.

This doesn’t mean he is lazy, but he just likes a more chill way of living. You should give this man a chance if you need some calmness in your life.

2. The super-committed guy

If you’re someone who was always dating guys who don’t stick around, then this guy definitely deserves a chance.

He knows what he wants, and he is keeping what is his—maybe a bit too much. He is decisive and certain of exactly what would be good for you.

3. The guy that doesn’t have it all

He is maybe not a doctor or the CEO of a wealthy company. Maybe he doesn’t have a good car and lots of money, but he has enough to make you truly happy.

We live in a world in which we tend to choose partners who have a ‘good’ job with a higher than average salary but maybe give a chance to someone who is just at the beginning.

Maybe an artist still struggling to make a name for himself. He surely has the passion, kindness, and compassion that will make you feel loved.

4. The funny guy

This guy is usually just friend-zoned. He is fun to be around and a little bit extroverted. He is a good friend and a good listener, but you never share your deep thoughts and feelings with him.

Try to give this guy a chance. Maybe it will be a refreshing change of course for you.

5. The shy guy

He is never the center of attention and never wants to be. He is often a good and caring man and has full respect towards others.

Giving a chance to this guy won’t cost you anything, but can you give so much in return.

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6. Your opposite

You love staying in your comfort zone, and never really like to explore other and different things. You always dated guys with the same interests as you.

The guy who likes different things or even the opposite of you should be given a chance. Having different interests is a good thing.

He can bring balance to your life and maybe even widen your horizons.

7. The stable guy

He takes no risks and is satisfied with a “boring” life. You never gave him a chance because you love guys who believe in living every day to its fullest.

By giving him a chance, you’re maybe helping him out more than yourself and can bring motivation to his life.

8. The practical guy

He is not dreamy and romantic, and definitely won’t spend hours talking with you about philosophical topics no one else seems to understand.

He is a normal, ordinary guy who won’t open your car door or cook you dinner and serve it by candlelight.

Even though every girl likes to be showered with roses and chocolate, guys who provide her that will more often than not disappoint her.

Giving a chance to the practical guy can maybe provide you with someone who is always there for you when you need him.

Roses and chocolates are nice, but love and support are way more satisfying.