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8 Ways To Find Out If He Is Playing You

8 Ways To Find Out If He Is Playing You

All of us have been played at least once in our life. But the good thing regarding that is that we finally learned a lesson and that we will never let anyone treat us the way we were once treated.

I know it is really hard to find out that your guy is playing you for a fool, especially at the beginning of a relationship when you are so head over heels in love with him but you certainly have to watch out for some signs that can help you reveal his real intentions.

Here are some of the most common ones that can surely tell you whether he is in love with you or if he is playing you. So stay tuned!

1. You don’t meet in public

The catch is that he doesn’t want to meet with you in public because he is dating another girl and he doesn’t want to get caught. That’s why he will always make stupid excuses, like he doesn’t like this or that place or he will even suggest you stay at your place and cuddle.

This is only one trick more to twist you around his little finger and not let you get away from him. You see, seeing more than one girl at the same time is interesting to him and he doesn’t want to lose this luxury.

2. His friends don’t know about you

If you read between the lines, you will figure out that nobody actually knows that you are his girlfriend. That means that he has more girls in his life or he simply doesn’t care enough for you to introduce you to the most important people to him.

If you see something like this in your relationship, you should worry because this kind of behavior is not a characteristic of a man in love.

3. You know few things about him

When a guy plays you, he won’t reveal so much about his private life to you. He is being careful because he doesn’t want you to use any facts from his life against him. He wants to be safe and get the most out of the relationship with you.

A man like this will never do anything that will bring your relationship to a whole new level but he will take advantage of you and then move on to another victim.

4. You feel that he plays with your feelings

You feel that you are the only one in that relationship with your heart on your sleeve and that he is not making any effort for the two of you to work. You should know that he is just playing with your feelings because he is not man enough to admit that he doesn’t love you.

Instead, he will make a fool out of you and keep you as close as he can. That is all that he wants from you so if you see something like this happening in your relationship, try to run away from a man like this.

5. He just has empty promises

Did he say that he would be there for you but he didn’t turn up? Did he say that he would call or text but he never did? If you recognize your man in these lines, you should know that these are huge red flags and that you should think twice about continuing to date him.

If he behaves like this at the beginning of your relationship, you can just imagine what he will be like later on when things get serious.

6. He is all yours but only in bed

This is something all players like to do—they play mind games with women they want to have and then they take them to bed. While the two of you are in bed he will tell you all that you want to hear but once he gets what he wants he will continue doing his own thing.

A man like this is just a fuckboy in disguise and you should not spend your precious time on him anymore.

7. You are the ‘crazy’ one when things get bad

When something bad happens, he will always blame you. If he is checking out another girl in front of you and you tell him to stop, he will call you crazy and he will say that you are just overreacting.

If he is doing this to you, know that he is playing you for a fool so don’t let him do that to you anymore.

8. You feel bad all the time

Your gut tells you that something is not okay with your relationship and you just can’t shake that ugly feeling. When he is around you, you always feel bad and you don’t feel loved or respected at all.

A woman in love shouldn’t feel like this so it is about time to make some changes in your life. And bear in mind that if you cut him off, chances are, he handed you the scissors. Enough said!