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8 Ways Spending Too Much Time Together Will Fuck Up Your Relationship

8 Ways Spending Too Much Time Together Will Fuck Up Your Relationship

Being in a relationship means having your partner in crime, laughing your ass off with them, cuddling, going on adventures, doing some crazy stuff and laughing some more.

You become a part of each other’s soul and you feel like one.

It comes to you naturally to want to spend as much time as possible with your partner because when you’re not with them you feel like you’re missing something.

But there’s one thing you should also keep in mind and that is that spending too much time together can actually ruin your relationship.

I know that it sounds absurd at first but it’s the truth.

When you spend too much time together, you no longer leave some space for missing each other or, even worse, you start taking each other’s presence for granted.

If you still feel confused about it, here’s a list of 8 ways spending too much time together will fuck up your relationship, so beware!

Your world starts revolving around them

When you spend too much time with someone, they literally become your world.

You no longer pay that much attention to what’s going on outside that world because you’re so mesmerized by it and you feel comfortable in it.

You are no longer devoted to your passions or in discovering something new which is essential for every single being and especially relationships.

You start neglecting your friends

You reject going for a drink or hanging out with your close friends once, twice and gradually you stop counting.

Spending too much time with each other in a relationship will eventually cause you to neglect your friends.

While it is completely natural to spend more time with each other than with the rest of your close people, not devoting any of your time to your friends is not natural or healthy.

And it will destroy your relationship as well as your friendships.

You start taking each other’s presence for granted

Constantly being with each other soon turns into taking each other’s presence for granted.

When you know that you can be with your partner 24/7, you don’t appreciate it as much as you would if you didn’t spend that much time together.

And when you take each other’s presence for granted, it will be really hard to fix the situation you’re in and the potential problems that will arise out of it.

Your conversations become poor

When you’ve already talked about everything you could ever imagine, there’s really not much left for you to refresh your conversations and make them interesting again.

Your conversations are doomed to become poor over time because you simply have nothing to talk about because you haven’t experienced anything new outside of your relationship.

You no longer miss each other

Missing each other is one of the most important things when it comes to relationships.

During the absence of your loved one’s presence, you recharge, digest all of your emotions and you start missing each other.

So, if you never give yourself the opportunity to feel that yearning sensation of missing your partner with all your body and soul, your passion will gradually cease.

You start yearning for a change

Doing the same things all over again or spending your time with the same person eventually results in yearning for a change.

You are no longer satisfied with those sweet gestures by your partner or watching the same TV series on repeat because you want to taste something new, fresh and inspiring.

And that is when you become desperate for a change but unable to do anything about it because you kinda feel stuck in limbo.

You forget who you are without each other

Yup. When you’re too much into one thing, you easily forget who you are without it.

You forget the essence of your being when spending too much time with your partner.

Your relationship becomes your main means of identification and you find it hard to get in touch with your inner fears and feelings and other things that make you who you are.

It’s harder to deal with the problems in your relationship

It is really hard to see the bigger picture or have a better insight into the problems in your relationship when there are only two of you.

Hearing other people’s opinions on certain matters is a must because that’s the only way to establishing a healthy relationship.

If you want to improve your relationship, you should be open to hearing the opinions or criticisms of your close friends and family.