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It’ll Be Too Late To Love Her Once She Is Indifferent

It’ll Be Too Late To Love Her Once She Is Indifferent

Maybe the sad truth is that people realize they care once it’s too late. When you find happiness within yourself and are more open to love.

When you move on with somebody else and can re-evaluate your previous relationship with new eyes. When you are already indifferent.

And what’s the use in realizing it then when it no longer matters?

She cares for you now. Don’t wait any longer. She wants you to wake up now and see that she is your one and only.

That you have something special in spite of your difficulties. That you have something worth fighting for. She is still not giving up on you. Her heart just can’t.

She wants to be there for you. She knows she can’t solve your problems or help you with your difficulties.

She knows she can’t be there if you don’t let her in. If you keep pushing her away.

sad beautiful young woman looking down

But she knows that it would be easier for you if you did because both happiness and sadness are better when shared. She knows you will realize that, but she doesn’t know when.

She values your flaws as much as she does your strengths. She accepts you for who you are and hopes that one day you will be able to do the same for her.

She is someone so rare and unique. She understands when nobody else would. She gets you. She knows you. You’ll miss her so much in those moments. And she might not be missing you.

She should hate you for everything you put her through. She should, but she doesn’t. She still loves you with love so powerful that it undervalues all the bad.

She knows she shouldn’t. It would be easier to leave you in the past but she just can’t bring herself to do that.

She has you in her prayers. Whenever she starts praying or having thoughts addressed to God, she always asks him to keep you safe.

She wants nothing but good for you—even if that means not being with her. You are here greatest wish but she knows deep down that she can’t ask God to bring you back.

sad woman with freckles on her face

Even if it pains her, she knows that He knows what’s best for her. And she is hoping with all her heart that you are it.

She loves you now. With love so pure and honest that you are bound to miss someday. She is still hoping that you will come around.

But let me tell you something I am not sure she knows love is something alive. Love is something that needs attention and care. Love needs to be nurtured or it dies. It dies when she’s indifferent.

So, don’t wait too long. Don’t run out of time. One day she will feel nothing other than indifference.

It won’t be because she wants to or because she is trying to kick you out of her heart. It will happen naturally. Without her even realizing it.

She will get tired of waiting. Her tears will dry off. Her heart will block you. When that happens, you will understand everything, you will wish you had done everything differently.

You will beg her to take you back. And it’s going to be too late. She won’t take you back.

All that will remain of the love she once felt for you will be a distant memory. The only thing she will feel then is indifference.

It'll Be Too Late To Love Her Once She Is Indifferent