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80+ Cheesiest Pizza Pick-Up Lines

80+ Cheesiest Pizza Pick-Up Lines

Have you recently met a pizza lover with a sense of humor? Are you trying to get your significant other to laugh, buy you pizza, and make out with you? Either way, if it’s pizza pick-up lines that you need to woo your crush, you’re in the right place.

Here are some funny pick-up lines, cheesy pick-up lines, and even some racy pizza pick-up lines. You can also use them as Tinder bios or conversation openers to show your love for pizza and chill personality.

Best Pizza Pick-Up Lines For Pizza Lovers

Pizza pick-up lines might be a little too much for Valentine’s Day, but when you’re looking to make your crush laugh with cheesy pick-up lines about your favorite food, they might be just the thing.

Cheesy Pizza Pick-Up Lines

Pizza pick-up lines are sure to be cheesy, but these have EXTRA cheese!

1. Man, this pizza smells good! Oh wait, that’s you.

2. Baby, are you a personal pizza? Because you were made just for me.

3. Are you a pizza? Because I don’t want to share you.

4. Girl, our romance could become a pizza history.

5. Take my heart and never crust it.

6. I am like your personal pizza, made just for you.

7. I am always ready for you, just like I am always ready for a box of pizza.

8. Excuse me, are you a pizza? Because you’re hot.

9. You make my life better like only a calzone could.

10. Do you like olives? Because olive you.

11. If you’re the pizza pie, then I’m the pizza sauce because I’m all over you.

12. If you were a slice of pizza, you’d be supreme.

13. I only love two things: pizza and you.

14. Hey, I will give you pizza in exchange for your number. Game?

15. There was a girl eyeing me over there, but I’m not interested because cheese not you.

16. You’re the type of person I’d order a pizza for.

17. Even when you are bad, you are still good. Just like my favorite pizza.

18. Are you a pizza? Because every slice of you is perfect.

19. Are you pizza? Because I want all of you.

20. A beer, a box of pie, and you sound like a good combination for tonight.

21. Babe, are you a pizza? Because every slice of you is perfect.

22. Are you a pizza? Because everyone wants a slice of you.

23. You’re the only topping I need on my pizza.

24. Baby, you are like pizza to me, and I do not like to share my pizza.

25. My life needs a little more spice; can you be that spice for me?

26. You are hotter than boxes of pizza or dozens of them combined.

27. Thin crust or thick crust doesn’t matter because I will definitely eat you.

28. You make me feel all giddy and satisfied like only a box of pizza can.

29. I spelled out your name with the pepperonis.

30. Babe, you’re just like a pizza. Even when you’re bad, you’re good.

31. Give me your heart, and I promise I will never crust you.

32. You’re the pizza I don’t want to share.

33. I could never get tired of my life if you are the topping on it.

34. Want to come over? I’m having pizza, and it tastes better when you are with me.

35. You are like pizza, spicy and cheesy.

36. My pizza needs some extra cheese. Would you do me the honors of being my extra cheese?

Funny Pizza Pick-Up Lines

Give your crush a good laugh with these hilarious pick-up lines.

37. Did you have dinner? Because I wanna give you a pizza this.

38. Are you pizza? Because I want a pizza you.

39. I did not know pizzas could walk and deliver themselves.

40. Are you pizza? I can have just you for several days.

41. Is your name pizza? Because I feel hungrier whenever I look at you.

42. Hey, I promise I’m a real fungi.

43. I might fall to pizzas if I don’t get your name and number.

44. Hey pizza, it’s slice to eat you.

45. Want to hear a joke about pizza? Never mind; it’s too cheesy.

46. I’m in the mood for pizza… a pizza you, that is!

47. Hey, wanna go out? I’m very pepper-lonely.

48. Are you some cheese? I know a pizza that needs melting over.

49. If you were a pizza and I were cheese, I’d melt over you.

50. You’ll be the pizza, and I’ll be the cheese. That way, I can melt all over you.

51. Baby, you got through my heart so easily as only a pizza could.

52. Are you basil? Because you’re bae-sil.

53. Are you a pizza eater? Because there’s a party for two at my house tonight.

54. A piece of you is not enough; a whole box of you might be.

55. Baby, you’ve stolen a pizza my heart.

56. Are you a mozzarella di buffala? Because you make my life cheesier and creamier.

57. What does a pizza say when it wants to cuddle? Fold me close.

58. Are you the pizza man? Because you sure can deliver.

59. My girlfriend is like a pizza; I wish I had one.

60. You’ll be the pizza, and I’ll be the sauce, ’cause I wanna be all over you.

61. Are you a high-gluten flour? Because you make my life better.

62. You’re cold like my pizza, but I would still definitely eat you.

63. Like Little Caesar’s Pizza, I’m always hot and ready.

64. Are you pizza? Because I have a huge crust on you.

65. I know this is cheesy, but I think you’re saucy!

Racy Pizza Pick Up Lines

Even pizza can be seductive if you know how to ~deliver~ these dirty pick-up lines.

66. Are you pizza? Because I want to remove your toppings.

67. Just like Domino’s pizza, the next one is free if I do not come in thirty minutes.

68. Are you hot and ready?

69. Do you happen to like Pizza Hut? Because all I want to do is stuff your crust.

70. I can eat pizza and you non-stop and never get tired of either of you.

71. Babe, are you a pizza? Because I feel hungry just looking at you…

72. I’m available with or without sausage.

73. Are you pizza? I am craving some.

74. Right now, I’m craving pizza, but I’m craving you more.

75. Babe, you’re hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth.

76. Here, you can eat my sausage… pizza.

77. Are you a pizza delivery guy? Because boy, you sure can deliver.

78. Don’t want to be cheesy, but if you have good toppings, I have good sausage.

79. Are you a pizza box? Because I can’t wait to get your top off.

80. Are you the pizza delivery guy? Because I want to give you more than a tip.

81. Don’t shake me, don’t turn me upside down. Just treat me nicely, and then eat me.

82. Sex is like pizza: even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

83. Do you know what you have in common with pizza? You are both hot and ready.

84. Do you work for Papa John’s? Cause you’re a fine pizza ass.

85. Boy, are you a pizza? Because I can’t wait to have you inside of me.

86. Hot or cold, I could still find a way to enjoy you.


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