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9 Amazing Treats Of Being An Old Soul

9  Amazing Treats Of Being An Old Soul

She’s an old soul whose heart speaks an all but forgotten language.” JmStorm

1. You feel like you are in the wrong century.

You feel like you are out of place and out of time. Like you just feel put down somewhere you are not quite sure you fit into.

2. Your body is young but your mind and sole are ancient.

When you are with people your age, you feel older than them. It is reflected in your behavior, in your perspectives and interests. You are intelligent and you value intelligence. So, you can easily be bored with average, everyday life.

3. You are the perfect combination of mature and playful.

For you, it is a thin line between being an old person and being a child. Most of the time, you balance between these two. Even though you are characterized by wisdom and intellect, at the same time you are as playful as any child in their own fantasy land.

4. You are a loner.

It’s not that you don’t like people it’s just that you don’t seem to fit in. So, you always feel like you are different than the rest. It can even make you feel like an outsider at times. You always come up with ideas that others think are odd. But there is a chance they might be intimidated by you because you speak about stuff they don’t get.

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5. The people you have in your life are rare and special.

You never liked crowds and large groups of friends. Your circle is small but special. You develop friendships on the basis of how you can relate to people. You have a tendency to put yourself in other people’s shoes and look at things from their perspectives. They value you for your empathy.

6. You have your own dreamland.

Even when you are in the midst of company, you seem absent-minded at times. Being different isn’t something that intimidates you. You enjoy your alone time. It gives you a chance to think and to dream, or work on something that fulfills your mind, body and soul. You appreciate the little things in life.

7. You love traveling to places that have a soul as old as yours.

It’s not easy to measure that, but this is a way to say that you love places that are filled with history. They have a sense and a meaning, and that’s something you search for in everything.

8. You know what is truly important.

You can easily distinguish between what is and what isn’t important in life. You are not thrilled with material things. Money, image, and appearance don’t represent much to you. You see things underneath the surface and you value them.

9. You can’t imagine love without romance.

The courting. The amount of thought that was given before to win girls over just amazes you. Nowadays, everything has become so rough and plain. You hope for something more. For somebody who will give their best to win you over and appreciate you for who you really are, an old romantic soul.

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