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9 Reasons You’re Being Ignored By Your Partner And How To React To Them

9 Reasons You’re Being Ignored By Your Partner And How To React To Them

Being ignored by the one you love is the worst feeling ever. You feel unwanted, like you’re just not good enough for him.

What you do is go through all those things that you have talked about and you recall all the things that you have done to him that might have made him act like this, but somehow, nothing seems to have done enough damage to actually make him ignore you for such a long time.

How do you even react to this situation? Your partner hasn’t texted you for days and when you’re together at home, he seems to be avoiding you at any cost.

Whenever you confront him about this, all he does is answer in such a cold tone that the blood in your veins freezes.

Why am I being ignored? There could be many possible reasons that actually made him run for the hills.

Women do so many dramatic things that make men question why they’re with us at all.

We’re not even aware of them, most of the time, because we do it all unknowingly.

Due to the fact that you’re not able to see the reasons, I will give you a few possibilities why he might be ignoring you:

You’re being too needy


Let’s face it, women are sometimes too needy and too clingy without even being aware of it.

We forget that men don’t think the way we do. They don’t need to be around us all of the time and they don’t need someone constantly nagging them about everything and anything.

That’s when they turn to ignoring us because they think that this way, they will make sure that we get the hint. They love us, but they can’t take our clinginess.

You ignored his needs

There are certain rules in every relationship. For example, my partner doesn’t like PDA too much and whenever I cling to him in public, it drives him nuts.

It’s just the way he is. I can’t blame him for not wanting to kiss me and touch me in public, but if I want him to not get mad, I have to respect his needs.

If you have done something to upset your partner, that might be the reason he’s ignoring you.

He must be thinking that if you’re ignoring his needs, he has the right to ignore yours and now you’re stuck in a toxic circle which neither one of you knows how to react to.

You have too high expectations

You might be having too high expectations for your relationship. You might even be inflicting unrealistic rules into his life that are simply too much for him and he doesn’t know how to handle all of that pressure.

That’s why he goes and hides himself, showing you only a cold shoulder.

He doesn’t know how to tell you that you want too much from him without hurting you, so he says nothing instead.

He has too much work to do

In order to understand what is going through his mind, maybe it’s best for you to actually see his work schedule.

He might be overwhelmed with work right now and he doesn’t have time to talk and spend more time with you. You shouldn’t take this too personally of course.

He simply has to prioritize some things. But watch carefully, is he really spending all his time working or is it just an excuse for going out all the time and having fun without you?

He is losing interest in you

Of course, this one you can’t be sure about because the only way to actually know if he’s losing his interest in you is if you asked him. So don’t make assumptions right away.

If he’s truly losing interest in you, he’s trying to get as far away from you as he can for many reasons: to test himself as to how much time can he be without you, will he miss you, are his feelings just false news.

You’re being too pushy

You just might be too pushy. You’re pushing him to do things that he’s not a huge fan of and it’s driving him insane.

All he wants is to have fun for now, but you’re already talking about marriage and kids and moving in together.

You’re actually freaking him out. You must be aware of the fact that men aren’t as mature as women, so for that same reason, it can actually take him years before he’s ready to come to that stage in your relationship.


So he pulled away from you for quite some time to take a break or simply to play video games for several days (men, right?), but the reason why he is continuing to ignore you is because he actually has to confront you once he’s back.

To be honest, women can be quite scary when they talk about things that bother them, so I kind of get the male perspective.

He simply might be scared to come back now that he’s been gone for a while. He knows that you won’t let him off easily.

He needed some time for himself

Well, believe it or not, men really do need time for themselves. This may even include time with their guy friends getting drunk at a bar.

It’s just the way they are. He knows that you will throw a tantrum if he told you that he wants to get wasted, so he ignores you in general because he doesn’t want to deal with your drama.

You bring him down

I am guilty of ignoring people who bring me down. I just don’t think I need to have people like this around myself because they don’t contribute much to my happiness.

So, if you’re someone who gets depressed really easily and if you’re someone who always wants to hear the solutions to their problems from someone else while putting them down as well, than this could be the most obvious reason for him ignoring you.

How to react to this and handle the fact that you’re being ignored?

Now that we’ve listed all the possible reasons why he’s ignoring you, what do you do? You probably shouldn’t start yelling at him and accusing him of cheating on you or something like that. Rather, do some of these things instead:


I know that you have been going through so many things in your head and you simply can’t seem to find a reason for his behaviour.

You remember everything that you’ve done and everything he’s done but you can’t seem to find an answer? Ask him. Even if he doesn’t want to talk to you about it – ask.

You can approach this in two ways, depending on the situation: the first way is to apologize and tell him that you’ve thought about everything but you simply can’t seem to find a reason for why he’s behaving the way he is.

The second way, which is a bit risky is to come off strong and tell him that you don’t have your whole life to waste on waiting for him to make up his mind.

Ask him if he wants to be with you. If yes, than he should stop behaving like a little child.

If his answer is no and he wants to break up, then you’re better off alone than with a guy who’s so immature.

Is he manipulating you?

There is quite a chance that he’s using this technique to get the best out of your love and affection. He might be doing this to get something out of you.

Ask yourself: is this is the first time he has behaved this way? If it’s not, how did the last time turn out? What happened?

When you asked him about why he’s doing all of this to you, the only response was ‘if you payed attention you’d know’ or ‘you know very well what’s up’.

These sentences are just there to make you wonder about your own behaviour, so he will get the best treatment ever. Don’t fall for his manipulative behavior anymore.

Go with it

One more way to deal with this situation is to simply go with the flow.

He might just be making space between you two to calm himself down or to figure out what’s exactly on his mind.

So don’t freak out, but rather take this time to do something for yourself.

Pay attention to your own wants and needs. You pushing him to confront you about his behavior won’t do any good to either one of you, so be at peace for you have nothing to worry about.

When he comes back and is willingly choosing to talk to you, then you can ask all the questions you need. Until then, let it go with the flow.

Don’t give up on them


I know that it might seem to be easier to just discard them and throw them out of your lives, but maybe not yet.

Give them time. Of course, have your own boundaries, but until then, open your arms and maybe they will come running to you.

It might seem like they will never come back to you, but what are the odds for that?

Your partner might be going through some tough times and if he loses you two, it might be the end of the world for him.

Don’t blame yourself

We are all guilty of this. We blame ourselves without ever knowing what the true cause for their behaviour is.

So don’t rush to conclusions and don’t think that just because they’re ignoring you, everything is your fault – it might not be.

Talk to a third person

If he’s been ignoring you for too long now, the best thing you can do is ask a third person about what’s happening. You might even ask his close friends—so what if he finds out about it?

He has to know that you care! So, go out and have coffee with someone who might know the answer to your problem.

Ask everything that you have to. If this person says that they don’t have an idea about what’s going on, you can always ask someone else.

Cheer up

Because of the fact that it’s been so long since he started ignoring you, you might be getting depressed and frustrated as hell. So chill out.

Cheer up. Your frown won’t help anyone get what they want. If you’re being very sad around him and if you don’t even bother smiling, it’s just not beneficial to your relationship in general. So smile! Cheer up! Things will fall into place sooner or later.

So, there you have it, all the reasons he might be ignoring you and how to handle everything with grace. Bonus advice: don’t overdo it.

I know that it feels horrible and you must be scared to know the truth so you go through all the possibilities in your head and you overthink everything but don’t.

Take all the time you need to relax and give him all the time he needs to calm down.

Faith keeps the people who are meant to be together by each other’s sides, so there’s nothing to worry about.