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9 Things Only Best Friends Will Do For You That Nobody Else Will

9 Things Only Best Friends Will Do For You That Nobody Else Will

We all had those friendships that lasted for longer or shorter periods in our lives, but somehow those ones were bound to end at some point.

Sometimes we simply outgrow friendships; some were toxic and some got to the point where we just didn’t have the energy to continue being friends with certain people.

That’s normal.

It’s just the way things evolve. We change. People come and go; that’s life.

Then again, if we are really lucky, we end up with one or maybe even a few friends who will mean the world to us. Those who are special, for everything they are and everything they do.

It is so rare that those kinds of people we like to call our best friends have become almost an endangered species.

So the thing to do is safeguard them for the rest of our lives because these kinds of friends are those who will feel about us the same way as we do about them.

Best friends can be recognized by their actions. These are some of the things that only best friends will do for you that nobody else will:

1. They will defend us even if we are not there.

Best friends are loyal.

So, if we are in a situation where somebody is attacking us, either to our face or behind our back, they will not tolerate it.

Why would somebody talk trash about your bestie while you sit silently and watch?

They will take our side even when we are wrong and call us out on being morons when nobody else is watching.

2. They will be honest no matter what.

Even if the honesty includes preventing you from going out like a walking disaster or telling you straight to your face that that fuckboy doesn’t deserve you.

They would never tell you something because they are plain mean, they just always tell you what they think is best for you.

They would expect the same from you in a similar situation.

3. They don’t hold grudges.

They will forgive you easily.

Even if you messed up badly, they will give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that the same scenario won’t happen again.

They will put your friendship first and let go of any resentment that stands in its way.

Just make sure you don’t do something unforgivable like betraying her trust completely, as that’s where she’s going to draw the line.

4. They answer your calls asap and put everybody else on hold.

You come first to them, the same way that they come first to you.

They know that not every call you exchange is a case of emergency but they will treat it as such.

Sometimes advice from a best friend can keep you out of a lot of trouble.

5. They will listen to the same stories over and over again.

Girl fixing her friends hair


It usually involves your current boyfriend or your ex.

No matter the topic, the true bestie will have an understanding that nobody else has.

She has probably been in the same or similar situations and she knows how a listening ear can be helpful.

You only realize certain things when you talk about them out loud.

6. They will tell you to snap out of it.

They won’t be afraid to kick your butt when it’s in desperate need of kicking.

They will let you lean on them but they will also push you when they see you can do it yourself but you are just tired.

They will show you that you are better than that and that you have what it takes to succeed and move on.

7. They will see right through you.

You can’t lie to your bestie. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.

They know what lies behind that fake smile of yours and they will notice it when everybody else fails to see that anything is wrong.

8. They are the ones who will encourage you to chase after your dreams.

They will be supportive. They will see the silver lining even when all the odds are against you. They will remind you of your strength in every happy birthday letter.

They will do what any true friend would do—they will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

9. They will smile through your happy moments and be supportive through the sad ones.

A true friend will help you up when you are down and will never find comfort in your pain like a fake friend would.

When the tide turns and you are in a good place, they will be grateful for your happiness.

Even if they are not happy themselves, they will never be envious of your happiness; they will welcome it.