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9 Traits of a ‘Jackpot’ Girlfriend (According to Men)

9 Traits of a ‘Jackpot’ Girlfriend (According to Men)

Do you have what it takes to be a perfect girlfriend?

Women are often misled by the fact men are looking for super-hot models to be their girlfriends, but this is not the case.

Most men want simple, down-to-earth women to be their girlfriends. Along with a girlfriend, they need a friend to confide in and a shoulder to cry on. Yes, men cry as well!

Check out some of the traits of an awesome girlfriend and see if you are what men have been looking for.

1. She is self-assured

She is the kind of girl who is comfortable in her own skin. She is proud of who she is and she’s not planning on changing for anyone.

She doesn’t need anyone to tell her she looks good and she won’t ask men to tell her because she is well aware of that.

She doesn’t need men to reassure her because she never doubts herself.

2. She is smart

To men, dating women who act like high school girls is water under the bridge. As they have matured, they are seeking for women who are following their example.

They want women who are equal to them and who can challenge them on an intellectual level.

They need a challenge, and she’s got the brains to challenge them.

3. She is independent

She can take care of her own problems as a ‘big girl’ and that is what turns men on. No one wants to babysit their girlfriend.

If she can’t handle everyday struggles concerning her job or life in general and she asks for their help constantly, men get the feeling they are being suffocated. They get the feeling their girlfriend cannot function on her own.

4. She takes care of her mind and her body

As I have written before, she doesn’t have to be an Adriana Lima type of a girl but she needs to take care of her body and her mind. She doesn’t have to do this for men’s sakes, but for her own.

She is the one who wants to look good regardless of her man and he is the one who is happy that she looks good because of herself and not him.

Mens sana in corpore sano – She will take care of her mind so she can be healthy and stable from both inside and outside.

5. She is devoted

This means that she always has her man’s back. She will stick up for him because she knows he is right, but even if he’s not, she won’t back off.

She is faithful and she won’t cheat, ever. Especially if she and her man are exclusive.

If men are sure women are devoted to them, they will return the favor gladly. Not all men are ‘a-holes’, believe it or not!

6. She is not a materialist

Most men loath gold-diggers when it comes to a serious relationship. They appreciate the non-material values women possess.

This doesn’t mean men won’t ever buy women something or surprise them. No, it is the absolute opposite of that. They want women who won’t ask them to do those things because they aren’t obsessed with material stuff.

They will do it on their own as a sign of love and appreciation.

By being non-materialist, this girl deserves her surprises and dinners.

7. She lets you act like a man

She is well aware of the fact that men are one thing and women are another. She won’t make them do girly stuff, thus taking away their ‘manhood’.

She will respect the fact that men watch sports and enjoy it, men go out with the guys for a couple of beers and men harmlessly check out other women as a form of recreation— something guys do because they can’t help themselves, but it’s harmless.

8. She likes your friends

She doesn’t have to be one of the guys, but she sure has to like them. If she is planning a long-term relationship, she knows she will be surrounded by her man’s friends.

She is the kind of girl who will make sandwiches for her man’s gang and invite them over for a fun night.

9. She makes men want to improve themselves

She is going to bring out the best in men. She will be their support and she will make them want to become even better people than they already are.

Men can find themselves thinking about their futures in a responsible way. They can start feeling and acting like grown-ups. All this is happening because of one simple reason—her.

They have met the right one and because of her, they want to be better people.