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Is She Wifey Material? 10 Signs You’ve Found The One

Is She Wifey Material? 10 Signs You’ve Found The One

You’ve had many girls in your life. Even though you’ve dated all of them, you couldn’t picture yourself spending the rest of your life with each one of these girls, right?

And you know why? Because there exists only one woman you can imagine yourself growing old with. This is the girl you want to be with until death does you part and the only girl you can see yourself marrying.

But what is the difference between her and all those other girls? What are the characteristics a girl should have for you to see her as your potential wife?

And most importantly—how can you be sure that your girlfriend has what it takes to be your life partner and forever person ? These are all the dilemmas you’ve been facing and the questions you need answers to.

That is why we are giving you these 10 sure-fire signs to help you see that your girl is indeed wifey material and the one you should start planning a future with.

She is strong and independent

Even though you might be first intimidated by fiercely independent women , as you grow older, you see that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a submissive partner.

Instead, you want someone whose strength will be your strength and a woman who is independent enough so you don’t have to guide her through life.

You need someone who will share all of life’s burdens with you and who will be your teammate.

You see, a marriage is a partnership in every sense of that word and it is much more than just a romantic relationship.

That is why you need a woman who will go shoulder to shoulder with you through life and a woman who knows what she wants from life and isn’t afraid to get it.

What you need is a self-sufficient, badass and mature woman who won’t be afraid of all the challenges your marriage might bring you.

You need a partner in crime and this is the girl for the job.

She puts in the effort

Another sign that you’ve found the woman to grow old with is the fact that she puts in the effort in this relationship.

She doesn’t mind making compromises and she tries hard for things between the two of you to succeed and for the two of you to have the best relationship possible.

This girl makes sacrifices for your sake and she never only takes care of things for her own benefit.

She isn’t interested in making herself happy only—she sees you as a team and your happiness together is what matters.

And even when she argues with you, she makes sure for these fights to be as productive as possible because she wants the two of you to go somewhere.

She gets along with your friends and family

Even though your biggest concern should be if you are compatible with the woman who will become your wife, you need to understand that there will be other people involved in your lives as well.

That is why one of the signs that your girlfriend is wifey material is the fact that she gets along with your friends and family because the last thing you want is to feel torn between your wife and the other important people in your life.

Don’t get me wrong—she doesn’t need to hang out with them all the time, nor do they need to be extremely close but it is nice if there exists mutual respect.

These are the people who are important to you and who helped you become the person you are today and if she loves you, she’ll respect their place in your life, if nothing else.

She pushes you forward

When a woman loves you unconditionally, she’ll never be selfish or self-centered, meaning that she won’t be concerned about her own progress only.

Instead, she’ll see the two of you as a team and she’ll want for you to become the best possible version of yourself as well.

This girl will never be jealous of you nor will she be intimidated by your success. Instead, she will be your biggest inspiration and the wind beneath your wings.

She will push you forward and will always believe in you, no matter what.

Next to her, you’ll feel fearless, powerful and capable of achieving great things, more than ever.

And once you see how much faith she has in you, you’ll start seeing yourself through her eyes and you’ll think more of the man you are.

You can be yourself in front of her

But even though this girl inspires you to be better, that doesn’t mean that she ever tries to change you.

Instead, she accepted you for who you are when the two of you met and she never tries to manipulate you into becoming a person you are not.

This girl loves all of you and she doesn’t expect you to be perfect. She never judges you and she loves your flaws because you wouldn’t be the same without them.

And the best part is that you can be your true self in front of her.

You don’t have to pretend you are someone you are not just to impress her and you don’t have to hide your real personality out of fear that she might not like it.

She supports you

This girl isn’t only your lover—she is also your best friend and is about to become your family.

And that is why it is important for her to be the person you can always count on and rely on.

If you think about marrying this girl, she has to be your biggest support in the whole world. She is the one who has your back and who won’t abandon you when things get rough.

You are certain of her love and you know that she will stand by your side through bad and good days, through thick and thin.

She is the one who gets you up when you fall and who picks up your shattered pieces when you break.

She takes care of you

The same way most men have the urge to protect their better half, this is how women have the need to take care of their men.

You might think that you belong to the stronger sex but the truth is quite different.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not saying that you should be an immature mama’s boy and that your future wife should replace your mother.

But the truth is that a girl who really loves you will take care of you in other ways.

And this is exactly what your girlfriend has been doing all along. She worries about if you’ve had enough sleep, if you are tired, if you need something and if you’ve eaten.

She never allows you to go through life on your own and she does that in the sweetest ways possible.

You two get along in the bedroom

Even though sex is not the most important part of a romantic relationship, whoever tells you that sexual compatibility is not essential for a happy life is lying.

And that is why one of the signs that your girl is wifey material is the fact that the two of you get along in the bedroom.

After all, this is the only person you’ll be having sex with for the rest of your life and you don’t want it to be crappy.

So, if you think about marrying a girl, it means that neither of you is selfish in bed. Instead, you both think of mutual satisfaction and you try hard for the other person to be pleased as well.

You have strong chemistry and your intimacy is more than purely sexual. And not only that—both of you have a similar sex drive and you enjoy doing the same things in the bedroom.

You love her

Each of these signs is important and it’s great if you can find your girlfriend in all of them but the truth is that none of them matter if you and your future wife don’t love each other no matter what.

Even though love is not enough and it is not the only thing you need to pay attention to when choosing your life partner, it is definitely crucial for a happy marriage.

It means that above other things, you have to love a woman unconditionally to think of her as wifey material.

And she has to love you back. Because living your life in any other way is nothing other than torture.

This should be the person who reminds you what butterflies feel like every day.

The woman you’ve loved more than any other girl in your life and the only one you could picture loving until death does you part.

For her to be your forever person, she should also be your soulmate, your twin flame love and someone you feel you can’t live without.

Besides, this should also be the woman who makes you calm and whose love is your peaceful harbor.

The woman who makes all of life’s difficulties seem more bearable and all hardships endurable.

You see a future with her

One of the most important signs that your girlfriend is cut out to be your wife is the fact that the two of you see a future together.

Don’t get me wrong—a woman can have everything that it takes to be real wifey material but that doesn’t mean a thing if the two of you aren’t compatible as a couple.

I am not saying that the two of you should have almost identical personalities to get along because that is not a recipe for success.

I am just saying that you and your girlfriend should have similar worldviews and you should both want the same things from life.

Do you both believe in marriage and do you want to get married one day? How do you feel about having kids? Do you see her as the mother of your children?

What are your financial views? How important are your careers to the two of you? Do you share similar moral values and norms? Where would you like to live?

These are all the topics you should discuss with your girlfriend before walking down the aisle because these are the things you’ll have to deal with your entire life and the topics you’ll have to tackle sooner or later.

And it is definitely best to have them straightened out in time, before it becomes too late.