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A ‘Forever Single’ Girl Is Not Easy To Love, But She’s Worth It

A ‘Forever Single’ Girl Is Not Easy To Love, But She’s Worth It

She’s not used to having someone around. She’s not used to romantic gestures and warm hugs in the evening.

She’s a girl who is used to being on her own.

So, don’t force her to change. Don’t force her to accept your love because she needs time. Time and patience.

Don’t get upset if she doesn’t text you back or if she refuses to hug you when you’re asking for it.

Don’t let it hurt your feelings. She will be like that—quiet and distant on some days and loving on others.

She wants to commit to you and trust you, but she can’t. This is not her fault.

She really wants to let go into that beautiful feeling love causes, but there is always something at the back of her mind that bothers her.

There is always that little seed of doubt she cannot toss away. What if you abandon her?

What if you leave without explaining why? What if she gets her heart broken one more time?

She can’t do it anymore. She can’t keep patching up her broken pieces. She cannot stitch her heart back once again. There is no place to stick the needle in anymore—only scars are left.

She knows the feeling of abandonment. She knows what it feels like to be left alone, to be left without an explanation.

She knows what it feels like to try to find closure in a place where you can’t have any.

She knows what it feels like to deal with it and move on. She has done it already, but she doesn’t want to do it again.

She only has faith in herself.

You see, she has a defense system. She has thick walls built up so high that nothing can break through.

You can only walk through if she lets you in. And she will let you in if you deserve it.

After being on her own, isn’t it logical that she would learn to live like that? Isn’t it obvious she would try to get the best out of it?

And now that you are here, you’ve messed up her plans. She prepared herself to live like that. She made her life easy to live.

Now, she has to change all of that. Now, she has to include you and start planning her life from the beginning. Let her do it step by step.

So, every time she walks by you without showing she cares, let her. Every time she pushes you away to avoid physical contact with you, let her.

She will know better—soon. Let her find her way. She’s scared. She has no idea what is happening to her, but to you, she looks like she doesn’t care.

She looks cold and uninterested. But, I’m telling you, she’s not. She’s used to being on her own—she has been single forever.

A ‘Forever Single’ Girl Is Not Easy To Love, But She's Worth It

She is the master of her life. She never asked anyone for any help because she never needed it.

When she needed something from the top shelf, she’d take a chair and reach up to grab it.

Now, she has you to call when she needs help, but she still doesn’t get that.

Listen, she has already made peace with herself about finding true love. She has realized that is impossible, and she has dealt with it.

She has crossed that item off her life list—it’s gone. All of a sudden, you show up in her life, bringing back something she never thought was possible.

You show up, and you’ve brought love back from the dead.

She has no idea what to do with that love. Can’t you understand? She is not that scared of you leaving her. She has gotten used to that.

She has been through that so she knows the drill. But what happens if you stay? What happens if that reborn love turns out to be ‘it’?

She’s scared as hell of that love because she has no idea what to do with it nor where it will take her.

Do you know how she went all in when she decided she’ll be forever single? I promise you, she’ll go all in when she decides to be yours forever.

You aren’t even aware of how much her love will mean to you. You have no idea how hard she’s going to love.

You just have to wait for a little longer and be a bit more patient.

She will love anything you do. She will love every second spent with you.

She will love how you kiss her before you go to work and how you kiss her before she goes to sleep. She will love all of you, every minute of every day.

She will open her heart and let you in. She’ll do something she was the most afraid of—she’ll fall in love once again.

Don’t abuse that. Don’t take advantage of someone like her.

A ‘Forever Single’ Girl Is Not Easy To Love, But She's Worth It