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A Letter To A Selfless Girl: Not Everyone Has A Heart Like You

A Letter To A Selfless Girl: Not Everyone Has A Heart Like You

Hey, you. I know that you have the heart of an angel. I know that you are an empath who always sympathizes with others and who always thinks of other people’s well-being before her own.

You are a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, a girl who never holds back any part of herself and a girl who gives her entire being to the people you love.

You are someone who trusts people and who thinks that there is something good in everyone.

And you know how I know all of this? I know because I was you. Until life taught me differently.

I was a naive girl who kept letting people in without thinking about the consequences. A girl who was convinced her love could save the world.

A girl who was anything but selfish and a girl who always tried her best to fix everyone around her.

But most of all, I was a girl who expected the same treatment from others. A girl who expected everyone else to be just like me.

Well, not everyone has a selfless heart like you and me. And sadly, I had to learn that the hard way.

For years, my kind heart brought me nothing but trouble. And the worst part is that I refused to admit this to anyone and especially to myself.

The people I trusted the most betrayed me and left me hanging when I needed them. The ones I was ready to move mountains for never lifted a finger for my sake when I asked for their help.

Those I loved more than I loved myself ended up acting like they never gave a damn about me.

The people I would never give up on abandoned me as soon as times got rough.

And all of this taught me a valuable lesson, even though it left inerasable scars on my soul and heart.

All of this taught me that not everyone is good and that there are some evil people in this world — people who will take advantage of me at the first opportunity and people who won’t think twice about betraying me once they are given a chance to do so.

So, please be smarter than me and learn from my mistakes. Don’t wait for anyone to crush you for you to see their true colors.

Don’t give them the opportunity to break your vulnerable heart and don’t let them use you, the way they did with me.

Don’t get me wrong — I am not telling you to be self-centered or selfish. I am not telling you to hurt others and to think about yourself only.

I am not telling you to become a toxic and bitter woman who thinks about her own interests only.

All that I am asking you to do is put yourself first. To choose yourself over everyone else and to appreciate yourself.

I am begging you to start loving yourself more, because no one will do it for you.

All that I am asking you is to become a little more careful whom you give your heart to. To be more careful about the ones you let in and about the ones who are worthy of your sacrifices.

I am asking you not to waste years of your life on someone who will never appreciate you. Not to give your entire self to those who won’t give you anything in return.

Not to put any effort into people who act like they couldn’t care less about you.

I am asking you to stop justifying the ones who keep doing you harm. To stop looking for excuses and to stop giving others the green light to keep on hurting you.

I am begging you to stop giving endless second chances to those who will never change. To stop prioritizing those who think of you as nothing other than a second choice .

I am asking you to cut off those who don’t deserve a place in your life.

And not to ever feel guilty for doing so, because that is exactly the thing you have to do if you want to spare yourself unnecessary suffering.

And this especially goes for the men in your life. Remember that your love can’t change a man unless he decides to do it himself.

Remember that there are some men who can’t be saved and that you are not a superwoman whose job is to fix their brokenness.

But most of allremember that your only duty in this world is to make yourself and nobody else happy.