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A Letter To The Girl Who Is Trying So Hard But Getting Nowhere

A Letter To The Girl Who Is Trying So Hard But Getting Nowhere


I see your effort. I know how hard you’re trying. I know that you feel like you’re going around in circles doing the same things all over again. I know that you think it’s all in vain because you’re going nowhere. You think you’re going nowhere.

I want to take you in my arms. I want to make you sure that everything will be alright as long as you are by my side. I want to wipe the tears from your eyes.

I want to look deep down into your glassy, puffy eyes while stroking you gently on your cheek. I want to smile at you because I know that as long as you are by my side, everything will be fine.

I will respect your hard work and I will value you. I know that at the end of the day, you need some rest. I know that you’ve been working hard and you don’t need to come home and do it all over again because of me.

I want you to know that I know you’re giving your best.

I know that you want to make the world a better place. You are aware that any change you are making is just like a small drop in the ocean, but you’ll never stop.

You know that you’re making a difference. You want to inspire others to do the same because together we are stronger and we can make a change.

I understand that it’s hard to be you. I know that you doubt yourself on a daily basis. You’re always questioning whether the cause you’re fighting for is right, whether you’re going to make it. But, I want you to know that I’m on your side.

I’m going to be your support and you can lean on me whenever you feel tired and you feel like you can’t take it anymore. You can trust me because I’ll help you.

You’re not putting the effort in vain. You’re not buzzing around in circles and going nowhere. You just feel like it because you have had too much on your plate and no support—at least, not until now.

I know that you are giving your best to make everyone around you happy. But, be careful because you’re neglecting yourself in the process. You’re putting up with the pain, stress, and pressure, and you won’t let anyone see that. You keep pretending everything is alright when actually, you’re on the verge of breaking.

I’m proud of you and of everything you’ve accomplished so far. But, slow down a bit. Things don’t have to be done right away.

The world won’t fall apart because you’ve taken a day off to take care of yourself. That pressure you’re feeling will tear you apart.

That pressure is not real. It’s in your head and if you organize your thoughts and goals in your head, you’ll see that you have all the time in this world to do whatever you want and you won’t burn out.

I’m begging you, slow down. Take a break and take care of yourself. You have to respect your body and mind, and you mustn’t force too hard because you won’t be able to do that for so long.

It’s better to take some rest now and continue with full strength when you’re ready.

I don’t doubt you, not even for a second. I know you are capable of great things and I know they are yet to come. I don’t want you to give it your all and use everything up before it’s time.

I want you to keep on going because there are so many beautiful things ahead of you. Celebrate your victories, work hard, but be smart and take a break when you feel like you need it.

In the end, everything will end up the way you wanted. And if it doesn’t, then it’s not the end yet. Just wait and see.


Your dearest and biggest fan

By Owen Scott