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This Is Why A Broken Girl Loves The Hardest

This Is Why A Broken Girl Loves The Hardest

She has been through hell. She thought she’s never going to get out of it. Every bone in her body hurt and she was completely broken down emotionally.

Her life wasn’t worth living. She had no reason to get up in the morning. She felt pain every second of every day and she couldn’t take her mind off of it, no matter what she did.

But, time has passed and as they say, time heals all wounds. It’s true. Time healed her and she got out of the dark place she was in.

She’s seen how life can bring you down. She has seen the lowest of the low and now, she isn’t scared of anything.

Now she’s ready for whatever happens to her because she’s been at the bottom and it could never get any worse than that.

She can only be happy and look into the future and whatever it holds for her. She simply knows that there is so much good ahead of her, so much positivity because she has decided to go in that direction.

She’s decided she won’t settle for someone who wasn’t meant for her. She has decided to wait and be patient. But when that right man comes, she will love him with all her heart.

She will give him everything he needs. She will make sure he is the happiest man alive. Because girls who’ve been beaten and broken love the hardest.

Girls who’ve been through hell know how to appreciate real love. She knows what it’s like when you’re hurt and in pain.

She knows what it’s like when you have no reason to live when your world is slowly falling apart and you can’t do anything to change it.

You only can endure it and wait for it to go away, wait for yourself to heal and accept whatever has happened to you. She’ll never let that happen to you.

She’ll never let you feel that pain and be stuck in that dark place she knows a bit too well. She’ll make the love of her life feel safe.

In her arms is the safest place you can be. She’ll nurture you and protect you like a lioness. Her love is so strong that nothing can bring it down.

She’ll help you deal with your problems and whenever she sees that you’re suffering, she’ll share the burden with you.

a girl who comforts a man

She will never let you carry that weight all by yourself. She couldn’t forgive herself for letting you suffer. She’ll be the helping hand you need when your life kicks you to the ground.

You’re never going to feel alone, not while she’s next to you. She’s been there. She has cried a thousand tears in the four lonesome walls of her bedroom.

She had no one by her side to tell her it’s going to be alright. She knows how much it hurts to be half loved. She doesn’t need and doesn’t want half-assed love.

She’s been there before and it nearly killed her. She doesn’t want to be the only one trying. She doesn’t want to feel abandoned and rejected.

She is an empath and she only sees the good in people, so she gave him chance after chance to prove himself. And he only took those chances to hurt her even more.

But, he’ll regret it when he realizes what he had and let go. That’s why this broken girl will love you the hardest. She doesn’t want you to be neglected.

She doesn’t want you to ever feel the pain she felt. She doesn’t want you to stare at your phone in hope that ‘the love of your life’ will send you a text saying they miss you.

She will be the one to call and say ‘I love you’. She will be the one who will never leave you—unless you give her a good reason to do so.

She chooses love over the fear of being broken again. She’ll never go back there. She’ll never let anyone break her that way.

If she needs to be aggressive to chase those people away from her, she will. Her heart broke into a million pieces and she spent so much time putting it back together.

She will never let anyone take her back to that period of her life, but she’ll never let anyone around her go there, either.

She loves hard and with every drop of emotion she has left. Even when she’s defeated, she’ll continue to love. Her love is something you won’t lose that easily, but you’ll lose it if you betray her.

Those things she doesn’t forgive. Not anymore. 

This Is Why A Broken Girl Loves The Hardest