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A Letter To The Girl Who Left Him, You Are Finally Free

A Letter To The Girl Who Left Him, You Are Finally Free

Don’t regret a thing. You are finally free. I know that it hurts right at this moment. I know that it seems like you won’t be able to fall in love ever again. I know it because I’ve been where you’re at. I’ve been broken before and I have left the man who broke me, thinking that I was making a mistake. My whole body wanted to go back to him, but my mind knew that it was a terrible idea to expect the man who broke me to help me heal.

Believe me, you will be fine. You have run away from the claws of the man who kept you hostage in a constant game that you confused for love. You weren’t a player—you were a figure that he manipulated from the moment he saw that you fell in love with him. But no matter what he did, you were able to see through his poker face and you were able to escape.

You are free. You are finally free.

You are free of the pain and the misery. I know that it does seem tough right now because your broken pieces hurt like hell. But just remember the misery he made you go through. Remember how much you craved to be loved by him. You craved his affection and a gentle touch. You didn’t get any of those things—it only kept hurting more and more.

You are free of his assumptions and his jealousy. Just because you had co-workers and guy-friends doesn’t mean that you were going to cheat on him. But, let’s be honest. The way he acted when you would speak to another man was unacceptable! He threw tantrums and called you names, never stopping for one minute to listen to what you had to say.

You are free to be yourself. There won’t ever again be someone telling you that the way you are isn’t enough or that you have to change. You are finally free to be just the way you are. You can laugh as loud as you want and wear the most colorful things that make you feel comfortable. This is what it means to be free—to have the ability to be the way you truly are.

You are free to become a better version of yourself. He won’t come up to you hoping to slaughter your ambitions and your motivation to succeed. You have all the strings in your own hands right now and that’s the first step to becoming better. This is the right time to pick up those hobbies you left behind because of him, the right time to do all the things that bring you joy and happiness.

You are free to love. You are completely free to love the world, to love yourself, to love your life. You can love whom you want and never again worry if your love is going to be mistreated because you will know what you went through, and that you won’t let yourself fall for that type of man again.

You are free to find your forever person. If you want to, of course. You left everything that was making you sad, angry and miserable behind, and you have the ability to start a whole new life. If this means finding a new partner who makes you feel loved and appreciated, then be it! There is nothing holding you back anymore.

You are free to start a new life. To start all over again. Pick up the pieces and move on from anything that has happened to you that doesn’t serve you anymore. You are free to start anew and to never look back at your past again.

You are free to be happy. Isn’t freedom what’s needed to become truly happy? Freedom. You are free of his grasp, you are free of his mind-games and you are free of him.