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You Forgot To Love Her And That’s Why She’s Gone

You Forgot To Love Her And That’s Why She’s Gone

Don’t look so confused when you know that it’s your fault. Stop asking questions about where she is or if she’s happy without you. You don’t deserve to know how she’s doing, nor do you deserve to see her again; all you did was forget about her because you put her as an option on your list, without ever making her a priority.

You weren’t there when she needed you. She’d call you and text you, hoping you’d go and help her when she was sick, when she couldn’t do something on her own, but all you did was forget how fragile and gentle she was.

But I’ve got news for youshe’s stronger than she ever was before. You made her see that there’s nothing she could have done to change you and that’s why she became her own hero. Now that she has risen from the ashes, you’ve come to claim her again? I don’t think so.

You lost her because you forgot to love her. You forgot to love her in the way that she deserved. There was no sign of love in your behavior, there was no sign of love in the way you looked at her, in the way you touched her. That’s when she decided that it was better for her to leave.

You would let her wait for you for an entire night, crying and hoping you’d come home, just so you could show up in the morning to tell her that you forgot the time you said you would be back. You told her you forgot to answer her messages and you forgot to call her back.

This is the right time she forgets about you.

She will forget all those times you let left her alone with her thoughts when she couldn’t handle them on her own. She will forget every time she forgave you your mistakes and she will forget how much you meant to her because she knows that she deserves more than to be forgotten.

She remember who she really is and who she wants to be. Neither side of her wants you around. She remembers how much she’s worth and she remembers that she deserves someone who wants to be by her side, not just today, not just tomorrow, but for forever.

You forgot to love her and that’s why she’s gone. You forgot about what you had. You forgot that you had an amazing diamond by your side. A diamond that shone brightly but you were so blinded by its light that you weren’t able to see how gorgeous, loving and caring she actually was.

All that’s left for you now is to remember her. Remember all those times you forgot about her and all those reasons why she’s gone. Remember her sweet kiss and her soft touch, remember her tender heart and her secure hug. You have lost someone who will never again be in your life, because you forgot how precious she was. You lost someone who was ready to fight for you.

Sit down, your tears will continue flowing while you continue to remember seeing her back while she was leaving you. You finally remembered the color of her eyes but it seems you didn’t notice until they were flooded with tears while she was telling you goodbye.

You forgot how much she loved you and you will never again be able to feel her touch. You will miss her gentle scent and the way she would make you smile.

It’s just a pity that you remembered it all when it was too late. She’s already gone.