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A Man Can’t Handle The Same Reality He Gives A Woman

A Man Can’t Handle The Same Reality He Gives A Woman

Women can’t handle the truth. They romanticize too much. Watch too many movies.

They have their heads in the clouds and expect the impossible from men who simply try to be realistic.

Or is that right?!

Men portray their downright pathetic intentions towards women as reality.

The “glass is neither half-full nor half-empty’’ side of life.

In this story, a woman’s need to be loved and cared for fully and honestly is a glass so full, it’s overflowing.

The only reasonable way things can function according to men is them having all the power, doing everything their way, and never paying attention to the way a woman feels.

He’s sick. You bring home cooked soup, rub his chest, and play his favorite shows for him while you gently massage his back.

You’re sick. He sends a message asking if you’re okay.

Best case scenario he sends two.

You feel happy that he remembered to check how you’re doing.

You cooked for him and he’s late for dinner. He says he couldn’t make it on time, you say it’s fine.

He cooked (like that ever happens, right?), and you’re late for dinner (no way, you’d be too grateful he’s doing something for you).

You have a great explanation and he makes a scene.

Whatever he does for you, you have to praise him for it, while you taking care of him is just logical.

If you really think about it, you’ll see that you are the one considering his needs and wishes while he never actually thinks about yours.

The thing to ask yourself is: would your relationship still function if it was the other way around.

Could he ever be the one in the background while you were in the spotlight?

Could he ever deal with coming home from work, wanting to talk about something annoying or bad that happened to him, and you pretending to listen while you watch a game?


Could he handle sending you ten text messages and you responding to none and then coming up with a lame excuse once he confronts you about it?


Could he deal with not knowing where you are all night or who are you spending your time with, and you telling him that it’s none of his business where, how, and with whom you spend your time?

Not a damn chance.

The truth is, a man cannot handle the same reality that a woman has to deal with.

He pretends he’s strong and dominant. He pretends he could never be needy or whiney.

He makes sure he lets you know that you’re overly emotional, overly controlling, and overly everything while he’s just the right measure.

He could never, ever behave the way that you do.

You’re the one expecting too much from him.

The whole situation couldn’t be more absurd if it tried.

Honestly, if you treated him even close to the way he treats you he would be so, so much worse than he thinks you are.

He thinks he’s so perfect, while the truth is that with everything you do for him it’s easy to be content.

You’d feel much better about things if he was more kind, nurturing, and caring.

If he respected what you say and do the way you respect everything he does, you’d be blossoming and he’d be the one broken.

It’s a generally accepted opinion that women can’t deal with the truth.

I wonder if the truth you gave a man was as nasty as the truth he gives you, how able would he be to deal with it?!

I promise you, he’d be so much worse at it than you are.

Would all the rules still apply if you pretended to be a man for a day and treated him the way he treats you?

I guarantee they wouldn’t.

I guess it’s simple to deal with an easy truth, but dealing with the truths men serve women would be impossible for them.

Keep that in mind next time he calls you needy.

Keep that in mind next time he doesn’t even try to fulfill any of your needs.

Keep that in mind and you’ll finally realize that he can but he won’t, ever be as strong as you are.