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All I Really Need In A Relationship Is Consistency And Effort

All I Really Need In A Relationship Is Consistency And Effort

I’m not going to sugar-coat anything anymore. If you can’t meet my standards, I don’t have time for you anymore.

I need you to be a constant in my life and not just someone who occasionally answers my texts.

I need you to call me and ask how my day is going. I want you to be the one to initiate communication every now and then.

I can’t be the only one texting and calling first. That makes me feel like you’re not really in this for the long haul.

I need your good morning texts every morning and not just when we have something planned.

I need to know that I am the first person you think of when you wake up and I want you to ask me about all the details of my day because I want to tell you everything.

But I don’t want to feel like a burden and tell you stuff that I feel doesn’t interest you.

I want you to make plans with me on weekends. Not just when your buddies are busy but even when they’re all free, I want you to choose me sometimes and go on a little adventure together.

Weekends mean comfort and I want to know that I am the one who is comforting to you.

If you make a promise, I need you to stick to it. I don’t want to continuously get disappointed by your endless excuses and empty promises to make it up to me.

If you aren’t a man of your word, I’m sorry but I can’t do this with you. I need consistency and effort. Anything else–I’m out.

I want you to text me goodnight every night.

I want to know that I am your last thought before going to sleep and I need you to reassure me when I am feeling insecure and paranoid for no reason.

Love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and there are going to be days when I won’t be easy to handle.

I’ll get a little jealous and insecure and I need you to understand me and comfort me.

Running away when things aren’t blissful and exciting is a dick move. Only cowards leave when things get rough.

Real men stay when it’s a little challenging. That is what will make our relationship solid and genuine.

I want you to want to be with me and not just when you want sex. It’s more than okay to be physically attracted to me and I love that but I need more.

I need to feel close to you in other ways too. I need to know that you love spending time with me, even when it doesn’t include sex.

We need to be able to talk for hours about anything and everything and nothing will be off limits.

I need to feel comfortable telling you stuff I can’t tell anyone else.

I want you to fight for me. I want you to tell me I look beautiful when I’m a mess and I don’t feel so good about myself.

I need to feel your love when I’m tired and exhausted after a long day.

I need actions that will follow your words. You need to put in just as much effort into this as I am. I can’t waste time on anything half-assed.

I want you to tell me that you love me when I least expect it. And I need you to tell me that as often as possible. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

I want your support. When I achieve something I’m really proud of, I need you to be my biggest cheerleader.

I want you to be proud of me and celebrate with me and make me feel special. Because you are special to me.

I want to hear your honest opinions about things that are important to me. I want you to be included in my life in every way possible.

I can’t feel like I’m boring you with anything, otherwise it’s not going to work.

I am interested in your life, your friends, your hobbies and the things that you struggle with. I want to be the one to help you get through things and I need you to be the same with me.

When you tell me you’re going to call me, I need to know that you’re not just saying that and you’re actually going to call me.

Don’t make me question everything. I need to feel secure with you.

I need your consistency above anything else. I need to know I can count on you, trust you and that you are invested in this.

That is how I know we have a genuine shot.

Hearing ‘ I love you ’ will always be my favorite three words from you but I need you to keep proving that, because consistency means checking in on me and having a sense of commitment.

I want you to know me, the real me, flaws and all, and love me despite all of my shortcomings.

I need you to always be proud of me and introduce me to people who are important to you because that makes me feel like I am important to you, too.

Your honesty will always be needed, even when it’s hard telling me the truth. I would rather hear the harsh truth than a white lie.

Consistency means you won’t wake up one day and decide you want something else.

It means you’re in this for the long haul and that you’re ready for anything that may come our way.

We are a team and there is nothing we can’t overcome.

I love you and I need to know you love me enough to keep doing this with me, because you know we are worth every hardship and every struggle.

I don’t ask for a lot. Just be consistent, make an effort and stay true to your word. Everything else will come easy.