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7 Signs He’s Not Breaking Up With You (It’s All In Your Head)

7 Signs He’s Not Breaking Up With You (It’s All In Your Head)

Usually, it’s the other way around. Usually, everyone is writing about signs he really wants to break up with you.

You’re reading through it, hoping that what you read is wrong.

What if we take things to the next level to get rid of your paranoia once and for all?

What if I manage to prove it to you that it’s all in your head, and he is perfectly happy with you?

I know that every time you are in a relationship, you fear that he is going to break up with you. Do you know why you feel that way?

Because you’re not confident, and you believe you’re not good enough.

So instead of getting cold feet and imagining the worst case scenario, cool off a bit, and believe that, for once, he is not going to bail on you.

Usually, when you start panicking, your panic reflects on your body language, and in that way, you’re scaring the poor guy off.

Your body is showing what your mind thinks which gets him thinking you want out. And the end result of that is – he dumps you!

Make it different this time around. Don’t work up the worst case scenario in your head when things get a bit bumpy.

No relationship is perfect, and sooner or later, you are going to go through some stuff which won’t go away overnight.

So, instead of thinking he will break up with you, think about what you could do to make things better and solve whatever it is that’s bothering you.

In the meantime, check out the signs that will calm you down a bit – signs he is not going to break up with you nor ever intended to.

1. He’s open about his feelings

It’s another thing that you don’t believe him. It’s so normal to have doubts and to question your own decisions.

It’s like you’ve been put to a test, and you have to pass it. But with you, it’s different.

You’re questioning yourself because you don’t believe in yourself.

Even after you’ve asked your boyfriend upfront whether he wants to break up with you and he’s told you upfront he doesn’t, you still don’t believe him.

Sometimes it’s better to get out of your head and trust someone for a change. Try not to think that the whole world is against you.

Because if you keep living with that mindset, people are really going to start walking out on you.

2. He listens to you when you speak

A man who doesn’t give a damn about you doesn’t give a damn about what you’ve got to say either.

He, on the other hand, remembers everything you say. He remembers you’ve said what your favorite food is; he knows your favorite song.

He remembers the stories from when you were little. He really listens to you when you speak.

How can it cross your mind that a man who has a genuine interest in everything about you would leave you? It doesn’t make any sense.

3. He doesn’t walk away from problems

Every couple who cares about the survival of their relationship will do anything in their power to keep the relationship alive.

If you are experiencing problems and your partner doesn’t want to do anything about them and even avoids talking about your problems in general, then you can be sure he doesn’t care about your relationship.

If, on the other hand, he is interested in finding out what the problem is and how you could solve it, then even thinking about the fact he wants to break up is crazy.

It’s definitely all in your head.

4. Sex is still good

And more importantly, you still have sex which means that the chemistry is still alive.

For as long as you attract each other and feel the sexual connection between you, you don’t have to worry.

Sex is like half of the relationship. If something’s wrong in the bedroom department, your relationship might be questionable.

If you don’t want a relationship, the last thing you want is to have sex with that person. Actually, you don’t want to have anything to do with them.

If anything, you’ll try to spend as little time as you can with them. You’ll try to avoid them.

5. He changes because of you

He quits bad habits he once had only because you asked him to.

If you’re dealing with a man who doesn’t give a damn about you, he won’t move a finger for you.

Your good intentions would be interpreted as nagging.

But a man who loves you and wants your relationship to succeed will listen to you because he knows you want only what’s good for him. He will try to change.

6. He does things for you

Instead of watching the game with his friends, he is taking you to the movies. And of course, you’re picking what you’re going to watch.

A guy who doesn’t care about you also doesn’t care about where you want to go and what you want to do.

A guy who wants to break up won’t think twice between choosing to watch the game or go somewhere with you.

He won’t do these things that make you happy. He would distance himself from you little by little, and in the end, he would leave for good.

7. He’s not cold

When someone loses interest in you, they start acting cold and become more and more distant.

But, your boyfriend doesn’t do that. He is not excluding you from his life.

He is still warm and loving. He hugs and kisses you every chance he gets.

Do you see? It’s all in your head. Start believing in yourself for a change. You are good enough. You deserve love.

And no, he is not going to break up with you.