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Are You Girlfriend Material? These 5 Zodiac Signs Sure Are!

Are You Girlfriend Material? These 5 Zodiac Signs Sure Are!


Libra is the type of girl who’s generally loving and kind.

She cares about peace and justice, and does her best to make a relationship harmonious.

Above many other of her wonderful qualities comes the fact that she is emotionally very sensitive and empathetic.

She truly involves herself in understanding where the other person comes from.

She can be very flexible and doesn’t have a problem with adapting to the situation she finds herself in with her partner.

She’s the type of girl who can be a shoulder to cry on but also the strongest motivator and most passionate lover, all in one.


Pisces is intuitive about other people’s needs.

She will know how you feel the minute she looks at you – heck, she can feel your energy just by being present.

She enjoys being completely in tune with her partner’s emotions and does her best to respond to their emotional frequencies.

She’s just dreamy and can make your life movie-like if you get the chance to be with her.

If you get her to open her vulnerable side to you, she’ll give you everything you need.

Pisces is the type of girl who can calm you down just by holding your hand, but also ignite a flame in you that you never even knew existed.


Taurus girl won’t be the most romantic or gentle girlfriend, but she will be a rock.

Her devotion and care are what make her special.

Once she chooses you and decides you’re the one, she will give you everything she has and everything she is.

She will accept you just the way you are and won’t expect you to change.

She’s loyal to a fault and will never do anything to jeopardize your trust or embarrass you.

She’s the type of girl who would carry you on her back if you were wounded, but also has enough sensibility and wit to become your best friend.


She makes for an amazing girlfriend because nothing is too much trouble for her to make the relationship work. She won’t give up on you easily.

She invests her whole heart and a huge part of her energy (and she has a lot of that for sure) into making things with her partner better and stronger.

She always hopes for the best and has an amazing, optimistic approach to life.

Aries girl will bring passion, laughter, and adventure into your life and show you just how thrilling life can be when you find the right person to share it with.

She’s the type of girl who will stick with you through thick and thin but also give you a good old kick in the ass if that’s what you need.


Sagittarius girl will change your life for the better. Charismatic, energetic, and bold, she’ll be the cherry on top of your cake.

She is incredibly friendly and easy-going.Everything about her screams spontaneity and freedom.

She won’t try to put shackles on you and will respect your private thoughts and time.

She’s incredibly open-minded and will always find a way to understand you, whatever it is that you do.

A Sag girl is forgiving and generous.

She won’t expect you to do things just because society thinks you should and will appreciate all of your unique traits, both virtues and flaws.

She’s the type of girl who isn’t like any other girl.

She’ll be honest with you even when you don’t want to hear the truth and you will forever be thankful for her boldness.