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Are You Sleeping With Your Soulmate? 12 Ways To Tell

Are You Sleeping With Your Soulmate? 12 Ways To Tell

Love is present before, after and during the sex act

Their love for you doesn’t change, and it’s always stable, regardless if you are having sex or not. During the act, you will feel loved, closer and more connected to each other.

Sometimes you might even call it making love. Even though it might sound corny, it’s the real term for what you are experiencing.

Naked is not awkward

You feel so comfortable around each other that you don’t mind laying in bed or walking around the apartment naked. They don’t make you self-conscious, and you know they adore your body just the way it is.

Also, there are a lot of benefits to sleeping naked, so you make jokes that you are doing that because it’s good for your health.

Mixing Vanilla & Rough

When it comes to deciding between vanilla and something rougher, you choose both. It will depend on your mood and the vibe you get from each other during the foreplay.

A lot of people think that the only way to express love is by taking it slowly, being gentle and gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. But that’s not always the case.

There’s nothing wrong with increasing the intensity and exploring your animalistic urges. Exploring your sexual desires at every level just makes you crave each other more.

After sex cuddles

Cuddles are the best. When it comes to soulmates, after sex cuddles are never missed. They might last a long time or only for a few minutes, but that’s beside the point. The important thing is that they feel amazing.

Cuddling after sex is more important than the sex itself. It makes couples bond. It makes them feel safe and it makes them say, “I love you.” without having to utter a word.

Thinking about them while you masturbate

Before them, you would dive into some imaginary world. Now the reality is better, and they are all you can think off. Just thinking about all the kisses they imprinted on your body makes you horny.

All those intimate moments you shared, all the curves and edges of their naked body, all the grabbing, pulling and kisses are just enough to make you come.

Sex happens spontaneously

You don’t have to think ahead, schedule or force anything. Sex just happens. More often than not, you don’t even have to say anything or ask for anything. You are guided by your feelings.

You start hugging, kissing or teasing each other, or sometimes just locking eyes are enough, and before you know it, you’ll be screaming from pleasure.

You hardly ever skip foreplay

Just like cuddles are mandatory after sex activity, foreplay comes before everything. It’s an integral part of lovemaking. It increases the level of arousal and makes sex more amazing.

Kissing, touching, going down on each other are ways of making sure that you both climax and enjoy the act.

You openly talk about what turns you on and off

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and that goes for a sexual one as well. If you don’t like something, you have no problem with saying it.

If you like something, you make it known. You also suggest new moves or some new places to have sex without fearing that they will misunderstand you. You know that they get you.

You laugh through those awkward moments

Some awkward, uncomfortable moments are bound to happen eventually. We are only humans, and whatever happens is nothing to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about.

At least not for very long. You will laugh together at your clumsiness, weird sounds and anything awkward that might happen. It’s really not a big deal.

Chemistry hasn’t worn out with time

You have been together for quite some time, but the chemistry is still there. You still want to jump each other very very often. Time has had no influence on you craving one another.

You still find each other hot and extremely attractive, and you find something new to fall for as the days go by. The sex only gets better with time, and your bond grows stronger.

Not wanting to have sex is not an issue

You can spend your days and nights talking, cuddling, watching movies, going out or doing other things besides having sex. If one of you is not in the mood for whatever reason, it’s nothing to worry about.

There is no need to force things. Sex is important, but it doesn’t define your relationship. So what if you skip it few times. You know you are going to get back up there when you both feel like it.

The thought of them being the only ones you sleep with for the rest of your life doesn’t scare you at all

You know you want them and only them, and you know they feel the same way about you, too. You are not scared or anxious. It just feels right.

You know that this is something real and something that you can never experience with anyone else.