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Are You Strong Enough To Love A Broken Woman?

Are You Strong Enough To Love A Broken Woman?

If you think that loving a broken woman is an easy thing to do, man, you are so wrong. A broken woman has gone through so much hell that you can’t even imagine.

She has been beaten to an emotional death, bruised, completely broken, and there are scars all over her heart.

That is the main reason she has made walls so high, so nobody can reach out to her.

She is someone who is afraid to love again because her trust and her love were taken for granted the last time.

She is someone who doesn’t believe she will ever love again because she had one bad love experience.

She is afraid to let any man to come into her life because she thinks her destiny will repeat itself.

She thinks every man she lets in her heart will hurt her like her ex did. She believes she is not good material for love and that every man that comes will realize that.

She is afraid to express her emotions because she thinks nobody will listen to her—because she is used to having someone who didn’t give a damn about her for far so long.

A woman like this is someone who knows pain for real because that is what she has been feeling all this time.

So don’t blame her for being broken because that wasn’t her choice. She wasn’t born broken. Life broke her. Circumstances broke her.

The man she was madly in love broke her. And that is something she can’t change.

So, you will need to accept her the way she is and never ask her to change because she won’t. She put someone else first for a long time, and now it is time to finally put herself first.

That means she won’t put up with any shit from you because she has become allergic to that.

It means she won’t let you play any mind games with her because she knows every red flag possible.

She doesn’t want to pretend she is someone she is not just so you would like her. No.

This time she wants to be herself with all her flaws, and she needs someone who will accept her just the way she is.

A woman like this is hard to love, but she is definitely worth it. So, I am asking you, are you strong enough to love a broken woman?

Are you ready to love a woman who won’t be able to reciprocate in the same way because she has trauma from her past?

Are you ready to give yourself all in for someone with trust issues, someone who will never believe you love them as much as you say because she thinks she isn’t good enough?

Are you strong enough to love a woman with a dark past, who will have her crazy episodes every now and then?

Do you think you can love a woman who will fall apart because something reminds her of her ex?

Are you strong enough to handle her in every situation, especially in the bad ones? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it means you will love her more than you love yourself.

It means she will be your top priority and that you will never question your decision.

You should know that loving a broken woman is hard, but you can actually gain more than you give. With her, you will get love, affection, support and understanding.

She will love you so much because she knows what it feels like to be loved so little. She will never offend you by offering an almost love, an almost relationship or only half of her heart.

When she decides you are the one, she will go all in, with all her heart. But you need to give her time. Give her time to heal. Give her time to fall in love with herself again.

And give her time to think what she actually wants from her life. Once she decides what she will do with her life, she can fall in love with you. So make sure that she chooses you.

Don’t be harsh on her. Win her over with a late night call, a flower while you are walking through the park or her favorite song on your car playlist.

If you can really handle and accept a broken woman, then you are a remarkable man. Only a man with a big heart can actually fix someone who is broken into small pieces.

Only a real man will get into all of that and come out as a winner.

So, if you are strong enough to love a broken woman, please keep in mind that she will need you to remind her of your love every day.

She needs you to choose her every day or leave. She doesn’t need material things. She wants you to spoil her with loyalty.

So, if you are strong enough to give her all that she craves, I will give you all the credit for that. Because only a strong man can accept and madly fall in love with a broken woman.

Only a man who firmly stands with both his feet on the ground can fight for both himself and his partner if that is needed, and only a strong man can believe that things will turn out great in the end.

A man like that never stops hoping, caring and what is most important, he never stops loving.