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Are You With Him For Toxic Reasons? 5 Ways To Find Out

Are You With Him For Toxic Reasons? 5 Ways To Find Out

I know that being in a relationship trumps being single any day.

But is it really worth it sticking it out for all the wrong, even toxic reasons?

A relationship should be nurturing, calming, and reassuring.

It should be your safe place, a way to hide from the problems that are bothering you.

A relationship should be something that motivates you to push through shitty days because you get to see your favourite person at the end of it.

It shouldn’t be about just not being alone.

It shouldn’t be about being able to tell people you’re with someone.

Those are all the wrong reasons and you’ll never find happiness that way.

What you need is someone who’ll make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Someone who’ll make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.

Not someone just to fill an empty spot in your heart.

Please, be careful with people you invest your time in.

Not everyone is as nice as they may seem.

Not everyone is deserving of your love.

Are you in a relationship because you can’t fathom a day without him or are these 5 toxic reasons keeping you attached?

You’re with him because you feel like your ship has sailed

There aren’t any good, kind, and available men out there anymore, so you took what you could get.

He’s not a bad guy, but you don’t feel that everlasting love with him.

You keep trying to convince yourself that you’ll get there, the feelings will appear, and it’ll end up being your ultimate love story, but deep down you know it’s not true.

He’s not the love of your life.

You just feel like your options are limited and you settled for an okay guy.

He’s a decent option, but he’s not someone you’d go to the ends of the earth for.

He may be sweet and he may be kind, but if he doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, he’s not the one.

You’re with him because you’ve been hurt way too many times to look for someone better

The pain you went through and the experiences you had with other guys left a huge impact on your life.

Now you’re too scared to look for someone who’ll make you the happiest you could ever be.

What if it happens again?

What if you end up shattered like so many times before?

It’s a risk you’re not willing to take.

This guy is not someone who’d hurt you; he’s proved it multiple times.

So you’ll stick it out because you feel it’s better than finding an overwhelming love story and being broken again.

You desperately wish you felt as strongly as he seems to feel for you… but you don’t.

He’s a nice dude and he treats you right, so you’ll stay to protect your heart from further pain.

You’re with him because you were the last one in your circle to find a man

Being the only single gal in your social circle really took a toll on you.

It’s no fun being the only one without Saturday night plans once they all go off with their boyfriends.

Being single does have its perks, but you can’t enjoy it if all your girls are happily taken and you’re left there alone, watching Netflix and wishing a man was there with you.

You had to find someone, even if it wasn’t a love for the ages.

At a certain age, you just stop being picky and lower your criteria.

So now you’re taken, but it’s not a love story you’ll be telling your grandkids about.

He’s not the guy you see a future with.

He’s good for now, but deep down you know that your one is still out there somewhere.

You’re with him because you needed to forget about your ex

You had a shitty breakup and you just couldn’t stand the thought of him anymore.

He left a hole in your heart and you needed to fill it with someone.

And that’s what this guy is.

A replacement for an ex you desperately need to keep off your mind.

You know it’s wrong and you know you’re going to end up hurting him and yourself in the process.

It’s only a matter of time before it happens.

But somehow, it makes it a little easier to forget about your ex if you have another man by your side.

You know he’s not your forever, but you’ll stay for as long as he serves his purpose.

You’re with him because you need someone to flaunt on your Instagram

You just need people to see you’re “happily” taken.

Even though you know it’s not real happiness, it’s more important to you to keep people fooled than to actually be happy.

So you keep going with your ruse.

You keep flaunting him on social media accounts and people keep liking your loved-up photos.

You’re selling them something that’s not real and sooner or later your lie is going to catch up with you.

You’ll realize how miserable you are by basically faking your life and people will start noticing you’re not as happy as your photos seem to show.

Before you hurt yourself even more, stop keeping up fake appearances and start taking better care of yourself.

Only when you realize how wrong this fake relationship is will you give yourself a chance to post about someone who actually makes you happy!