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10 Things You Do That Make You So Damn Intimidating

10 Things You Do That Make You So Damn Intimidating

1. Your goal won’t be to please everybody

There are important people in your life and those who are less important and you definitely won’t be there to please everyone.

You stick to your friends who know all about you and they never judge you on anything but others have to prove themselves if they want to be your friend.

And you don’t do that because you are a cold-blooded bitch but rather because you treat people the way they treat you. You have some rules you stick to and nobody can make you change your mind if you don’t want to.

2. You live by your own rules

You know that it is a harsh world outside and that’s why you decided to make some rules when it comes to people. You don’t get attached very easily and if someone wants to hang out with you, they have to be a really good and honest person.

You don’t put up with any shit and you don’t tolerate people taking advantage of you. You have been hurt many times before and it all made you cleverer. You have felt all the bad emotions on your skin and now you want to enjoy life and surround yourself with high-value people.

3. You can’t stand chatting

Questions like: “How was your day?” or, “What are you going to cook today?” are things that can make you totally lose control. If there is one thing you hate in the world, that is small talk.

You feel that people talk to you just because they have to and not because they want to. And for you, it is better to keep your mouth shut than to talk if you don’t feel like it.

You would rather talk about some deeper things because they make you feel good. During small talk, you don’t exchange anything important but when talking about some serious topics, you can actually learn new things.

4. You look arrogant but you are not like that at all

You are a strong person who knows how much you bring to the table and you won’t put up with any shit. That’s why sometimes people see you as arrogant but the truth is totally different.

You just know your value and you stick to your own rules and morals. You don’t do things you would regret later and you know to say you are sorry when you make a mistake.

It just shows how your personality is strong and how you are an independent woman before anything else.

5. You are brave

The truth is that you have a giant, warm heart and you are brave to the core. There isn’t anything you are afraid of because you know that the sooner you confront your fears, the better it will be for you.

You are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone and you are not afraid of new things. You cope with life’s problems like they are some sort of messages and you handle them with a cool head.

6. You don’t tolerate excuses

You simply don’t want to put up with excuses because if you do, others will see you as a weak person. That’s why you always give your best but you also expect the same from others.

You respect people who respect you and you always try to have a good relationship with them. If someone tries to make a fool out of you, you will put them in their place and you won’t feel bad about it.

In fact, you will feel like you did the best thing for yourself.

7. You always get what you want

For you, it is not a problem to say, “No,” to others. In fact, that is what you do if you see that they don’t respect you. You are a person who likes balance more than anything so if others behave well toward you, you will behave well toward them as well.

You will never say, “Yes,” to someone if that will mean saying, “No,” to yourself. That is how you function and you are totally okay with the relationships you have with others.

8. You have a badass attitude

When you enter a room, everyone gets quiet because of your badass attitude. Before you say anything, people don’t know whether you will put out a gun or you will smile at them.

You look very serious but it is because you don’t like to smile without a reason. But when you laugh, it is always genuine and you do it from the bottom of your heart.

Maybe you are a cold person from the outside but you are a true angel on the inside.

9. You work hard to achieve your goals

You are known to be a workaholic and you don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve your goals. But once you get to where you want to be, you won’t let anyone convince you that you are not worthy or enough.

Your whole life is some kind of a fight for you but in the end, you make the conditions great so that you can enjoy it.

10. You make good people happy

You always give all of yourself to make good people happy. And evil ones will not try to get close to you because they are so intimidated by you. They know you won’t let them hurt you because you know how to defend yourself.

You are especially drawn to those in need and to children and old people. If there is anything you can do to protect them and improve their lives, you will do so. You truly have a heart of a gold.