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This Is Why It’s So AWESOME To Date An Introverted Girl

This Is Why It’s So AWESOME To Date An Introverted Girl

We all love extroverted people, don’t we? The fools of the company—those who can make us laugh and those who can make everybody laugh. But what if I told you extroversion is just too overrated?

An extroverted girl can make everyone laugh and her jokes are there for everybody.

She made you laugh, but she made everybody else laugh, too. You are her boyfriend, but you are treated no differently from the others.

On the other hand, there is an introverted girl. She might not be your first choice, but she is definitely the right choice.

You’re probably wondering why and disagreeing at the moment, but let me explain to you why you are wrong.

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If you are choosing somebody to date you, you’re looking for somebody just for yourself. You are searching for a person that will be only yours and that will share her deepest thoughts and her weirdest side only with you.

You’re looking for somebody who’ll have some things only in common with you and the one that’ll only click so deeply with you.

By choosing an extroverted girl, you’re choosing somebody who will be liked by everyone, meaning you’re looking for approval from all your walks of life.

You need people to like your girl in order for you to like her, too. And that’s fine. For a while.

To seek the approval of others is just fine until you’ve matured enough. Once you grow up, you’ll search for somebody just for you. You’ll search for somebody who suits you and who suits your soul the best.

You’ll disregard other people’s opinions because you’ll know you’re choosing somebody for yourself, not for others.

Once you’re grown up, you’ll realize that the perfect girl for you is an introverted girl.

She’s the type of girl that needs ‘alone time’. She feels deeply and she thinks even more deeply. Her alone time allows her to figure out her mood, where her energy is, and how to take each step in life.

She won’t be clingy—she won’t be all over you and she’ll respect you. She’ll let you have some you time because she needs some her time as well. She understands.

Once you’re grown up, you’ll realize that you need a bit more time for yourself.

You’ll realize that you don’t need drama in your life, but you’d rather take somebody who understands you and spend some time with that person. That’s when the introverted girl comes to the stage.

She’s the one only for you. You won’t own her (and you shouldn’t because she’s not an object), but it’ll feel like she was tailored only for you.

She’ll understand you, she’ll give you space, but not for your feelings to cool off. She’ll give you space to recharge your batteries and she’ll be there when you need her.

She won’t be needy because she’s one of the rare girls who knows how to entertain herself. She’ll have fun on her own, without you, and she’ll have stories to tell you.

She’ll be always interesting because she’ll always be busy doing something else like chasing her dreams and things like that.

She’ll be always interesting to you and you’ll never get bored of her because you’ll feel like every time you meet, there is something new to discover about her.

She is capable of sharing, going into the deepest core of you without possessing you, without being dependent on you, without being addicted to you.

She’ll be happy with you the way you are and she’ll never look at you through somebody else’s eyes. She’ll always see you with her own eyes and nobody’s opinion will cloud her judgments.

She is born for big things. You won’t be bothered with small talk because she hates it. She is creative and she’ll never cease to amaze you.

She thinks deeply and you’ll feel like your feelings are always taken care of, and who wouldn’t love that?

Having somebody just for yourself is a rare thing in this world and don’t mistake an introverted girl for an anti-social one. Introverts are rather selectively-social.

You don’t have to pull your as*hole game to win her over as you would do in most cases.

With her, it’s preferable to take your mask off and be ‘real you’ because she doesn’t care what normal standards are.

She has her own standards and she doesn’t give a s*it what anyone else thinks. If she likes you, you’ll know—and you’ll be one of the few lucky ones.