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Be With Someone Who Understands You – Comprehension Is Everything

Be With Someone Who Understands You – Comprehension Is Everything

‘Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.’ Yasmin Mogahed

There are no words needed when you’re communicating with your soulmate. You are two parts of one whole.

Nothing you say is unclear to them, nothing you do needs an explanation.

You lock eyes and you can simply feel it; the energy.

It circles around you two, slowly penetrating deep under your skin, where nothing in this whole wide world matters but the two of you.

Your souls are the same.

You know what the other person is thinking even without them saying it and they know just what you are thinking as well, the moment they look at you.

Even if you do talk, you usually say the exact same thing at the same time.

You two are not the very same. You are both unique ingredients that combined create the most powerful mixture.

Your love produces its own wavelength.

This is how it feels to be truly, deeply comprehended by someone and to honestly get what your loved one is all about.

If you haven’t met your soulmate so far, make sure to remember THIS is what you’re looking for. Nothing less.

Communication can be learned, sure. But if there’s no inner feeling of absolute understanding between you two, things can never be perfect.

You might disagree and you might fight but deep inside, you feel and understand their arguments and their side of the story.

When you truly comprehend your partner, you are completely invested in all of their needs and wishes.

You help them achieve their goals and their dreams become your own. The most beautiful thing is that they feel the same about you.

As time goes by, your trust and love for each other grows larger and deeper. It doesn’t weaken, nor does it fall under the pressures of miscommunication.

You know that there’s no one else in the world who would be able to understand everything that goes on inside your mind the way they do.

You’re absolutely certain that your thoughts are their thoughts.

No matter how well two people learn to communicate, if there’s no sharing of their innermost desires and yearnings, it will be impossible to make that unbreakable bond that only two people who were meant for each other can have.

Keep this in mind when you feel like you’re with the wrong guy.

It might be your subconscious telling you that the two of you don’t connect on that deep, raw level of communication and understanding.

The wrong guy might not be the worst guy but he sure isn’t your perfect choice and you’ll know this by the way you two seem to never be going in the same direction or wanting the same things at the same time.

Every relationship needs work but with your soulmate, that work is so sweet and light that you don’t even notice it.

Meeting them will be like finding a long-lost part of you that you always felt should have been there but was missing.

Every time you two get back to one another after you part ways for minutes, days or weeks will be like re-attaching that part to the awful void that had you feeling restless.

It’s fulfilling and rewarding on its own, without additional effort.

The connection you two will have will be strongly pulling you closer until you feel like you never even loved anyone before you met them.

Meeting them will be like listening to a song on the radio for the very first time but somehow feeling like you’ve heard it before.

You’ll know immediately that’s the song you’ll never get tired of hearing.

The familiarity in their aura will feel welcoming and warm and you’ll wish to stay that way forever.

You will recognize them.

You might not know it at the very same moment but your soul was made to love their soul.

You’ll feel like they’re everything you’ve ever been looking for, everything you needed.

You will know you wanted that person even before you met them.

Once you’re with them, it will feel like home.