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Because Of You, She’ll Always Wonder Why She Couldn’t Be Enough

Because Of You, She’ll Always Wonder Why She Couldn’t Be Enough

Yes, you can hurt people to the point where they’ll never forget the things you said or did to them. The things you say and do affect other people in ways you can’t even imagine.

You might hurt someone on purpose but you may also say things in anger or in pain that you might not mean, and be that as it may, those things always remain somewhere in the back of your mind and they come to haunt you when you need it the least.

Someone once said that only those who we love the most have the power to hurt us the most. And when someone you love gives you pain in return, the scars of that love remain for far too long. Sometimes, you might even think you’ve healed and then the past comes and pays you a visit to simply remind you that you should always be on guard.

The things you did to her, the things you said to her and the way you treated the girl who just wanted to love you will always make her question her worth, will forever make her wonder why she couldn’t be enough for you.

You always compared her to others.

You fell for her the way she was but after a while you started wanting more, wanting something different. So instead of leaving her alone and finding someone who would satisfy your criteria, you kept asking her to change.

You kept comparing this already amazing girl and asking her why she couldn’t wear her hair like this girl, or why she couldn’t dress more like that girl, why she couldn’t laugh differently… You kept saying how everyone else was doing great without ever bothering to give her credit for all the shit she put up with because of you.

You kept choosing her over others.

The moment you two decided to enter into a relationship, she should’ve been put first, always first before anyone else. But instead of making her your priority, you started brushing her off.

There was always someone else more important than her, there was always some other thing you needed to attend to. She was always left waiting or even brushed off at the last minute. The girl who gave you all of her time definitely deserved more than this.

You kept magnifying her flaws.

No, she was not perfect but neither were you. The thing that made her so amazing was the fact that she really tried to be the best version of herself, that she wanted to be perfect just for you. But the moment you got fed up with her, you started bringing up all her flaws and disregarding all the good sides this girl had.

All she did was take care of you, yet all you did was feed her insecurities.

She was yours from the very start. She said it loud and clear, she showed you with her actions, that she had eyes only for you. She fully committed to you. You never had to worry about being lonely because even when everyone else left you, she stuck by your side.

On the other hand, the girl who gave you everything got nothing in return. Well, actually, that is a lie. She got constant reminders of how she was not good enough, she took all of your emotional beatings when you had nobody else to ease your anger on.

You left your signature on her.

You didn’t just sign your name on her skin, you carved it really deep. You constantly reminded her of what was wrong with her until she believed you. Now, even if someone would like to convince her of how pretty she is or how much of an amazing human being she is, she wouldn’t believe it.

She’s gonna recover from the aftermath of your toxic love. She’s gonna move on, that’s for sure. Because you can’t be the best she gets. She deserves more. But there will always be that part of her that will wonder why she couldn’t be enough.

Regardless of the amount of love she receives in life from now on, she’ll always be afraid that at some point she won’t be enough. Scars like this don’t ever fade.