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20 Things No Girl Will Ever Confess To Her Boyfriend

20 Things No Girl Will Ever Confess To Her Boyfriend

No matter how long, serious or full of trust a romantic relationship between two people is, there are some things a girl will never confess to her boyfriend and here are 20 of them.

1. The number of her sexual partners

lovers showering together

The first thing no girl will ever be completely honest about is the number of guys she had sex with.

I am not saying that this has to mean she was promiscuous back in the day—she just considers it a part of her private life and will probably never tell her boyfriend the right number.

Besides, whatever she tells him, she’s afraid that he’ll judge her. If she hasn’t slept with many guys, she’s scared he’ll think she’s inexperienced and if she has slept with more guys, she is scared that he won’t take her seriously and that he will just think about getting into her pants.

2. Her sexual history in general

male and female in bed

The number of a girl’s sexual partners is not the only thing a girl will try to hide from her boyfriend. Most girls will only talk vaguely about their sexual history in general.

If a girl experimented with the same sex or was into some kinky stuff when she was younger, this is something she probably won’t mention to her current partner. This is especially the case if they are at the beginning of their relationship.

Every girl will be concerned that her guy might consider her a freak in the sheets if she tells him every little detail about herself and she doesn’t know how he might react if he finds out about all of her sexual preferences, so she simply chooses to leave some spicy things to herself.

3. Her weight

woman puts leg on weight scale

Most girls are self-conscious about their body weight and they are rarely satisfied with it. They consider themselves to be too fat or too thin.

Either way, most girls will never confess their true weight to their boyfriend. What these girls don’t know is that weight really is just a number and that most guys don’t care about how much they weigh.
Instead, if a man likes a girl, he likes her without ever thinking about her weight.

4. How much make-up she has on

woman putting makeup in front of mirror

Whenever you ask any random guy about what type of girl he prefers, almost every one will tell you he likes natural girls who don’t wear so much make-up.

But what most guys don’t know is that almost every girl has make-up on, even when they think otherwise.

The truth is that most girls will never confess how much make-up they have on.

Instead, when they tell you they won’t put any make-up on and they are just going out in their sweatpants, they will actually put on concealer, some mascara and lip gloss, thinking that’s not really even make-up.

5. If she loved someone more than him

thoughtful young woman leaning on hand at home

When a girl is in a long-term relationship with her partner, she obviously has some deep feelings for the guy.

But that doesn’t rule out the fact that she might have loved someone from her past more than she loves this man now. Of course, this doesn’t mean her feelings for this guy are not real.

But this is something no girl will ever confess to her boyfriend. Instead, she will try hard to convince him he’s the love of her life, her real soulmate and her forever person, even if things are not quite like that.

She will always be telling him that there never existed a man who made her feel the way he does.

6. If she enjoyed sex with some other guy more

couple having love in bedroom

It’s the same with sex. If a girl enjoyed having sex with some of ex partners more, she will never confess this to her boyfriend.

Instead, every girl will tell her boyfriend that he’s the best in bed and that she has never had a better, more passionate or more compatible sexual partner, even if this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s simple—girls do this so as to not hurt their partner’s feelings. Sometimes a girl can love her boyfriend the most and she probably enjoys having sex with him but she simply enjoyed it more with someone else. And that is not something she can change.

7. That she is not satisfied with his size

woman staring at naked man holding towel

Every girl has a preference about a guy’s size. But of course, this is not something she will be honest about.

The truth is that most guys will never find out if their penis is too big or too small because most girls are very well aware that this is their weak spot and they know it is something that can’t be changed and that can’t be impacted.

So naturally, they choose to stay quiet about the fact that they are not satisfied with their boyfriend’s size.

8. Her insecurities

sad brunette with curly hair at home

Let’s face it—sometimes we all feel insecure in our relationship and in life in general.

Most girls are insecure about different things regarding her body or personality. Most of them would like to be thinner or thicker, they would like to have longer hair, a smaller nose, a bigger mouth, a bigger butt or bigger breasts… and the list goes on.

When a girl is in love, she will question every move she makes. She will ask herself if she is enough for the guy she is with and will be insecure to some extent.

But this is something a girl will only talk about to her closest friends. She will certainly not say all of this to her boyfriend.

It’s not that she doesn’t consider him trustworthy—every girl is simply ashamed of talking about this kind of stuff.

9. That she sometimes thinks of leaving him

Couple having problems in relationship

When a couple argues, there is nothing unnatural about thinking about walking away from the other person.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the strength of the love they feel for each other—it’s just the anger talking.

And every girl has these phases, phases in which she considered leaving her boyfriend and in which she wondered how her life would be if she just walked away.

But this is usually just a thought that goes through her head and this is something no girl will mention to her boyfriend.

Because what’s the point in talking about these things after they have happened?

10. That she checks out other guys

side view of young man and woman flirting in cafe

No matter how in love a guy is, the fact is that he will check out other girls. But what they don’t know is that girls do it as well, when it comes to guys. We are just more careful when doing it and we don’t get caught as easily.

So that means girls check out guys other than their boyfriend. It is even possible for them to find some other guy more attractive.

And this has nothing to do with any girl’s emotions. It’s just how things are.

11. That she talks to her girlfriends about everything

cheerful woman talking to her friends at bench in park

Most guys know that girls like to chat among themselves about different topics.

But what they don’t know is that their girlfriend’s girlfriends know every detail about them.

Every guy is clueless of the fact that his girlfriend’s best friend probably knows everything about his penis size and shape, about his sexual preferences, about all the times he cried in front of his girl and every cute and romantic text he sent her.

Of course, girls don’t confess this to their boyfriends because it would be devastating for most of them to become aware of this.

12. How much she loved her ex

Woman standing near wall

Another thing no girl will ever confess to her boyfriend is the amount of love she felt for her ex.

She might mention to him that she had a serious relationship or that there was a guy in her past she cared very much about.

She might even mention how this guy hurt her badly. But that is about it.

No girl will ever tell her boyfriend about the amount of love she felt for one of her exes and about the amount of pain he put her through.

It’s simple—she is doing this to protect her current boyfriend. She doesn’t want him to feel intimidated or to feel the need to compare himself to any of her exes.

13. If she enjoys when he is a little bit jealous

jealous man looking at woman phone


Let me tell you a secret—every girl enjoys if her partner is a little bit jealous. Of course, I am not saying that a man should be jealous and dangerously possessive to please his girl because that would be, without a doubt, one of the worst things that might happen to any relationship.

But a little bit of jealousy is always welcome.

If a guy is jealous, a girl will know that he is afraid of losing her and she will be flattered by that fact. She will enjoy seeing him get annoyed over little things and she will feel like she really belongs to this man.

14. That she compares him to all of her exes

man comforting his woman

The truth is that every girl compares her current boyfriend to most of her exes.

Are there things he is worse at? Are there things he is better at? Who treated her the best? Whom did she love the most?

This doesn’t affect the love this girl feels for her current partner—this is only one of the ways of her introspection.

But of course, no girl will tell her partner that she compares him to some of her exes because that would be disrespectful toward him and it might make him insecure and that is the last thing any girl wants.

15. That she analyzes him constantly

portrait of woman listening to her man outside

Another thing that girls don’t confess to their boyfriend is that they analyze them constantly.

They try to get to the bottom of their behavior and try to find out everything that is hidden to them. Their every look, word and move are analyzed and dissected.

This is nothing unusual—girls simply think things through and analyze people more than most guys. But they don’t want to appear psychotic so they choose to keep something like this to themselves.

16. That she stalks him

woman typing on her phone sitting outside

When a girl meets a guy, she will probably look his name up on all social media.

She will probably ask around and question the people close to her about if they know him.

And that continues even when the two of them get involved in a relationship.

No girl in a serious relationship will confess to her boyfriend that she stalked him online when the two of them just met.

She won’t confess that she still checks on the things he likes, that she checks his friends list or that she checks his phone from time to time.

But it doesn’t mean this doesn’t happen. Because it certainly does. It’s just something girls don’t confess.

17. That she stalked his ex at least once

desperate woman looking at her phone in cafe

If a guy has ever mentioned his ex to his current girlfriend, even if it was casually, she surely remembered everything there was to remember. If he said her name out loud only once, his girl remembered it and looked for her on social media.

It doesn’t mean this girl is intimidated by her boyfriend’s ex. It doesn’t mean she is afraid that her boyfriend isn’t over his ex.

She simply did it out of curiosity. She wanted to see if this girl was prettier than her and whether the two of them have anything in common or if they are completely different. She simply needed confirmation that she is better than her in some way.

But of course, this is something no girl will talk about because she is afraid she’ll appear to be a nutjob.

18. That she’s jealous

jealous woman looking at man phone

Despite all the confidence a girl might have and no matter how certain she is of her boyfriend’s love for her, most girls are more jealous than they like to admit.

They are simply afraid if the guy they love will leave them for some other girl and they don’t enjoy seeing their boyfriend even checking other girls out. Most girls don’t like when their boyfriend has female friends, let alone that there could be something more.

But most girls also know that their fears are irrational and they try very hard to chase them away or to keep them under control. And that is why their boyfriend has no idea about their jealousy.

19. That she likes him to be ‘the man’

man protects hid girlfriend and hugs

Every girl wants to have an equal partner who will go through life with her shoulder to shoulder, holding hands. And that is what things should be like.

But what most girls will never confess is that they also like for their boyfriend to ‘wear the pants’ in the relationship.

This definitely doesn’t mean that he needs to have more decision-making rights or more rights in general—it just means that they want someone strong, someone who will have their back and who will be their rock.

No girl will ever confess this, because she knows her words might easily be misinterpreted and that she could be misunderstood.

20. That she is dying to sleep with him

close up photo of couple kissing

When two people are getting to know each other, it is now standard for the man to be the one to initiate sex. Besides, men are considered to be more obsessed with sex in general.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth because girls enjoy having sex with the same intensity guys do. They are just too shy to admit it.

And this is especially the case at the start of a new relationship. When a girl is just getting to know a guy, she will rarely confess that she is dying to sleep with him. Instead, she will probably play hard to get and keep her desires hidden.

20 Things No Girl Will Ever Confess To Her Boyfriend