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Before Falling In Love With The Girl Who Has Been Through Hell, Know This

Before Falling In Love With The Girl Who Has Been Through Hell, Know This

It is true that we all have a past, but some of us have been through so many bad things during our lives. That is something a girl with a dark past knows way too well.

She has been through so much severe shit in her life but she didn’t let that bring her down. Instead, it made her even stronger, so now she knows that life has its own rules and we need to play by them.

A girl like this is not like the rest of the girls you meet. She is more than that – strong and independent but at the same time complex and difficult to handle.

If you ever get an opportunity to date her or to fall in love with her, there are some important things you need to know.

1. She won’t open up to you immediately

It is very difficult to talk about your dark past to a stranger. That’s why she won’t open up to you at the beginning but if you give her some time she will relax and step by step tell you her story. The thing is that she knows that her past is made up of some awful details and if she tells you that immediately, she risks losing you.

If you play smart, you can help her to overcome those traumas of her life and be the old her again. In the end, she is still that frightened little girl who just needs someone to show her how to find that enormous strength of her own.

Hope that will be you!

2. She is an overthinker

She will be overthinking a lot. But don’t be too harsh on her because that is just a consequence of her dark past.

If she sees that something is not right with your relationship she will try to talk to you and she will ask you so many questions that you will think she is a CIA agent.

That is just her defense mechanism, so answer all her questions and make her believe that everything is okay and that she needs to relax a little bit more. If she continues like that, she will burn out in a short time. Be her support and don’t let that happen.

3. She thinks she doesn’t deserve love

Just because of her dark past and all those scars in her heart and soul, she feels that she is broken and that like that, she doesn’t deserve love.

The last thing she needs now is for you to judge her and tell her that she should have done some things differently.

Instead, be her strength and be the man who was worth the wait. Be her hand of salvation and soon you will realize that the girl with a dark past loves the best, in her own, different way.

4. She has her own triggers

Sometimes it will be a song or a movie that will make her cry. A scene from a trailer can remind her of the terrors that she had in her past relationship with a man who wasn’t ready to accept her just the way she was.

Trust me, she doesn’t want you to see her falling apart but sometimes she can’t control her emotions.

If she is strong enough to cry with you, you should be strong enough to reach out your hand to her and to tell her that you accept her with all her imperfections, because they make her so perfect and unique.

5. She enjoys her happiness to the fullest

A girl with a dark past has been through so many bad things in her life and all those things made her a strong and independent woman. Just because of this, she can truly enjoy the small things in life.

She knows that money can’t buy happiness and that a good relationship with her friends and family is what is most important. Once upon a time, she didn’t cherish small things but now, she has learned her life lesson.

She knows that all that it needs for her to be happy is blue sky, the sun’s rays and a hand that will hold her tight, for better or worse.