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Being A Hot Mess Only Made Her Stronger

Being A Hot Mess Only Made Her Stronger

If she was anything but a hot mess maybe she wouldn’t be able to stand all that came crashing down on her.

All her love wasted on the wrong people, all the lies and all those knives that ripped her heart apart are just too much for one lifetime. But somehow all that pain hasn’t killed her—it made her stronger.

She wasn’t ready for it. I guess nobody can get ready for being so terribly hurt but being the hot mess she is made her into a survivor; it made her into her own rescuer.

She didn’t want things to go that way. Being an eternal optimist, she hoped for the best. And that’s just the thing now—against all odds, she knows that she will heal completely one day.

She is juggling through chaos.

Half of the time she has no clue what to do next or which direction to follow. Yet she manages to wing it somehow and she always holds her head above water, no matter how high that water is.

You see, she is unique. She is majestic in her messiness.

She is among a handful of women who are OK with not having a plan. She knows that tomorrow is not promised and she continues to live for the small moments that fill her heart.

She is passionate about people, love, life… She is passionate about everything.

She’s never halfway in anything. She is all in or not there at all. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her smile as her shield.

Her smile doesn’t mean that she’s happy all the time. It means that she decided to push forward in spite of all the sadness.

It means that she decided to enjoy the small moments of joy because she knows that sometimes they will take their precious time coming her way again.

She is a fearless mess because nothing is stronger than her spirit.

She sees the cracks in her heart as a way for the light to come in. She is becoming better and more forceful that way.

She is looking at her brokenness as the start for her growth, as an opportunity to reinvent her life and start over.

She looks at everything that she has been through as something educational, as a learning experience she didn’t want to have but couldn’t skip.

She knows that rough patches are inevitable, that’s why she accepts everything that life throws at her. She enjoys the beauty and she fiercely endures the ugly.

Being a hot mess means wandering through life without being lost. It means figuring out every day as it comes.

It means making new plans as you go. It means not stressing too much over the things you can’t change.

It means accepting that things don’t always go as planned. It means building your own happiness in spite of everything.

Being a hot mess means accepting, surviving, healing and becoming stronger than she ever was.