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Best Friend Kind Of Love Is The One That Lasts Forever

Best Friend Kind Of Love Is The One That Lasts Forever

Best friend kind of love means you found your soul sister

You found somebody who gets you and lets you be you.

They accept you with all your flaws and quirks, and they love you just the way you are, just as you do them.

Having someone you can communicate without saying a single word is priceless.

Just that small smile or even just a gaze is enough to say, “I know you’re thinking the same exact thing I’m thinking.”

They get your happiness, but they pick up on your sadness too. They know when “I’m okay” is real and when it’s phony.

They know when you are trying to be tough and you are all but okay at that moment.

There’s no fooling them because they know you better than you know yourself.

Best friend kind of love means you found your partner in crime

Eating pizza after midnight, clubbing, being each other’s wing women, stalking each other’s crushes, coming up with a witty comeback to a text from that special someone, thinking about the next prank you are going to pull – these are just small parts of why best friends have a great time together.

Your activities may vary, your relationship status might change, but your friendship is what’s constant and never changing.

When it comes to best friend kind of love, there are no complications

It’s not important who texted who first. It doesn’t matter who made plans to see each other.

They never leave you hanging or cancel without any good reason.

Both of you are making effort, without even thinking twice about it, and that’s why your relationship flows.

Best friend kind of love welcomes your craziness

A best friend lets you obsess about someone you are into, calls you crazy, and allows you to keep talking and obsess some more.

They know you need it. They know you would do the same for them.

They will listen to your pointless dramas, relationship roller coaster stories, and your random overthinking thoughts.

They will be right by your side digging into the second box of cookies when you are PMSing, make fun of you while you cry during chick flicks, drop by unannounced with a couple of bottles of beer.

It really doesn’t matter what you do or in what state of mind one of you is, the important thing is you are there for each other and even the gloomiest days look a bit brighter when you have a true friend by your side.

You are friends because you click on every level. You’ve found your counterpart.  Someone so like you yet so unlike you at the same time.

You have someone to laugh and to cry with, someone who keeps you grounded, someone to share your dreams, someone to argue with.

You sometimes fight, you say things you shouldn’t, you do something that unintentionally hurts the other.

You are not perfect, and that’s the most normal thing in the world.

Having a best friend turns you into a bigger and better human being.

You say everything that lies in your heart. You let it all out. You own up to your mistakes and you confront them about theirs.

You are brutally honest with each other. You talk things through and your relationship is all the better for it.

You grow and evolve and make the best of bad moments.

Having a decent fight with a friend can be rewarding, a learning experience – something that bonds you closer once everything is out in the open and all apologies are said.

Best friend kind of love is love without envy

Your success is their success. Your happiness is theirs. Your tears hurt them almost as much as they hurt you.

They never compare themselves to you. They don’t get jealous when things are going great for you.

They don’t talk trash behind your back or allow anyone to do the same.

Best friend kind of love makes you reach for the sky

It makes you reach your full potential and turn your “can’t” into “can.”

A best friend is there to remind you of your worth, to believe in you when you lose faith in yourself.

A best friend is there to kick you in the butt and say, “Come on, lazybones, get up and get shit done.”

They don’t allow you to give up on yourself and they always see the potential in you.

Best friend kind of love is love in its purest form.

When you have a best friend, you have your forever person. You have someone who will stay by your side through thick and thin.

You have someone who will love you unconditionally for the rest of your days and it’s the best feeling ever.

Best friend kind of love is love that lasts forever.