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Body Language Of Men That Are Into You

Body Language Of Men That Are Into You

You would agree that body language is sometimes more important than words. At least when we are talking about men.

They tend to show their feelings through their actions more than women. On the other hand, women like to talk more and take action less. That’s the way it goes!

But if we take a look at every action men take, we would be able to see if they like us.

Here are some of the most common things guys do when they are into you.

So read further!

1. He looks at you significantly

Believe it or not, it is very difficult for a guy to look into the eyes of the girl he likes.

If you catch him staring at you and he immediately looks back when you realize it, that can mean only one thing—he is into you.

Also, if he looks at you and after a while winks, that is a proven sign he wants something more than friendship.

It is up to you now! Are you going to look back or you will keep watching him?

2. He smiles

When a guy likes a girl he will smile. That is the second thing after a look that reveals his intentions.

If you feel his smile is cute, sweet and totally different from others, you can be sure he likes you.

A warm smile is a sign he likes you physically. It also means he wants more than a one night stand with you.

3. He dresses up

If you see a guy who pays attention to his looks when being around you, it can be a sign he actually likes you.

If you notice him fixing his hair that is an obvious sign he likes you.

The same rule applies when he fixes his shirt. He just wants to look nice in front of you so you could fall in love with him. As simple as that!

4. He has an upright posture

All men do this when they are into a girl. For some reason, they think it will make them look better.

There are guys who are always hunched. When being in the company of a girl they like, they sit in an upright position. Does that ring any bells? I thought so!

5. He touches his face

If a guy is interested in you, he will touch his face more often.

This behavior is a combination of nervous excitement and auto-erotic touch and he suggests that you are attracted to it.

6. He touches you

It can be just a coincidence but by touching you he shows his interest. People never touch someone they don’t like.

So, this fact tells you everything. He wants to feel that you are his, even for a second.

That makes him feel like he’s in heaven. And that’s what love is all about!

7. He raises his eyebrows

Men do this when they are into a girl. For some reason, they think they will be able to see you better if they raise their eyebrows and open their eyes widely.

You can check that with a simple experiment. Just watch how guys look when a hot woman enters a room.

All of them will have their eyes wide open, their eyebrows raised and some of them will open their mouths as well.

Even if they want their body language to be a secret, it is too late. Guys, you are busted!