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You Broke My Heart But I Still Miss You

You Broke My Heart But I Still Miss You

“You’ll be laughing about this in a month, don’t worry. You’ll be fine, stop being dramatic.” But I’m not fine. And I sure as hell am not laughing about him breaking my heart. It took me months to heal, but old wounds still find a way to hurt.

You see, a lot of people think there’s a time limit to grief—that missing someone who broke your heart is pathetic. But here’s the thing: Missing that person doesn’t mean you are weak, dramatic or pathetic. It just means that the love you had mattered. It’s more than okay to miss the person who broke your heart. It’s okay to crave their love and want them back. It’s normal to feel like you will never get your happiness back. It’s okay to cry.

And it’s completely okay to go out every night and get wasted. And it’s okay to stay home for days and watch sad movies. That time helps you to get stronger. It helps you to get used to being alone again but not lonely. That’s the time you should give yourself all the love and care that he used to give you. And more.

You are your best friend, your lover, your sister. Tell yourself that it is okay to be feeling how you are feeling. That it’s okay to cry when you need to. That it’s okay to feel sad even if it’s been months or years. It’s fine. Tell yourself what you would say to your best friend. You are worth more than this person who left you. You are amazing, smart and beautiful, and you deserve more.

Don’t let a heartbreak destroy your life. You are worth more than someone who had the audacity to run from your heart and run from your love. So please know, it’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to feel let down and it’s okay to feel betrayed. Just don’t let him ruin you. Because you are worth a life that is beautiful — without him.