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I Came To You In Pieces And You Made Me Whole

I Came To You In Pieces And You Made Me Whole

I never believed this could happen to me. I never dared to hope that I’ll be whole again, that I’ll find a way to love again. How do you love when your heart is broken?

How do you let someone in, after the person who was supposed to keep you safe was the person who destroyed you? How do you believe when all of your faith is gone?

But you… Even in my wildest dreams I never dared to hope meeting someone like you.

You saw my flaws, but you kissed them anyway. You saw my scars. I tried to hide them. I tried to hide that I’m broken. I tried to hide that I wasn’t strong. But you kissed them, those marks.

Those on my thighs and those on my arms. You kissed every single stroke I once made, every single white line I carved into my body. You kissed them and made them perfect. You loved them and so did I.

You made me face my fears. With you, it was so easy. Facing my past, facing my memories. You were there, every step of the way. You were there waiting to pick me up when pain from memories knocked me off of my feet.

You were there waiting to catch me when I took a leap of faith and decided to give love a chance. You were there the first time I decided to look myself in the mirror, naked.

To look at my body, to look at all the scars, to look at all of the little things I hated. You were there, loving the view when I wanted to hide and cry. You were there to show me the woman you see, the woman you fell in love with. And somehow, I saw her too.

You saw my worth, when I thought I lost it. You saw the passion in my eyes, the strength of my mind and beauty in my soul. When I believed that I have nothing to offer, you proved me wrong.

When I believed that I’m unworthy of your love, you assured me that it’s the other way around. When I believed that I’ll never have a second chance for happiness, you put a smile on my face so easily.

You showed me that I’m so much more than my bruised soul and broken heart.

You loved my brokenness and made me love it, too. Not once did you give up on me. When I was drowning in past memories, you rescued me.

When I was running away from your love, you waited patiently for me to come back. When I pushed you away, you pulled me closer.

Somehow, your love was the glue that put all of my pieces together. Your love was the strength I needed, but lost it along the way. And thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.

Thank you for seeing past my fears, past my walls and past my pain. Thank you for believing in me, when no one else did.

I came to you in pieces and you made me whole. I came to you broken, bruised and distant. I came to you afraid of love, of life and my past. I came to you hating myself and my past decisions. But you made me see that my past doesn’t define me.

That it was never my fault I decided to love a toxic person. That it was never my fault believing in love. Because there are people who are worthy of our love; there are people who are worthy of our trust.

There are still people who will become our forever person and we will wonder how we could ever believe that hope is gone? I came to you in pieces and you made me whole. Your love. Your kisses. Your hugs. You.