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Before Dating A Girl Who Never Gives Up, Know This

Before Dating A Girl Who Never Gives Up, Know This

Before dating a girl who never gives up, know that she’s not like any other girl you’ve ever met. She isn’t going to be your ordinary type of girl that will only nod to you without disagreeing. She isn’t going to be someone that is easy to find and easy to lose.

She is made of love, care and respect for others. Her soul is very gentle and selfless, and she’s the type of person who will always want to make others happy. But she is also tough. Her heart is both soft and brave, and it is in her nature to withstand adverse conditions.

She is strong, and she knows how to defend herself.

She’s gone through a lot, and that’s what made her so resilient to even the hardest of things one could imagine. She’s gone through a lot of pain which made her stronger. So, don’t confuse her being nice with being weak.

She is nice, but she also has this layer that is impossible to destroy no matter how hard you try. So, don’t even try it. She’s the kind of girl whose heart speaks the truth and whose love will be your daily reminder of true beauty.

She will always be sensitive to other people’s needs, but she will not change herself only to appease others.

She is the girl that will decide to help others even if it means neglecting her own cry for help. She can’t help herself but feel deeply for other people’s needs because she knows how it feels when you’re hurt to the bone.

But, you need to know that she will never, ever change who she is only to appease others.  She promised herself that a long time ago, and she’s determined to keep that promise.

If you don’t agree with her, you have every right not to do so.

If you let her wait, she will make sure to never appear again.

If you challenge her, she will challenge you double.

If you fight her, she will fight back.

But, she will never give up on her promise to herself to fight hard for happiness and never let anyone destroy it. She will never give up on true love.

If you care for her, show it with your actions. If you respect her, never let her wait or doubt your intentions. If you love her, don’t hurt her because she will hurt you back. She is not the kind of girl who will respond to mistreatment with tears.

She lives a genuine kind of life, and she believes that good things come to those who wait. She appreciates honesty beyond everything else, and if she senses that you’re trying to manipulate or lie to her, she will make sure to give you a taste of your own medicine.

If you prove to her that you’re worthy of being in her life, she will make yours a fairy tale. If you prove to her that you’re capable of loving her, you will experience the type of love you never have before. You’ll experience an unconditional love that is the most rare to find and the most difficult to maintain.

She will make you feel comfortable with sharing your deepest thoughts and fears. You will never have to pretend that you’re something you’re not when you’re with her. Her positive energy is the most uplifting force in the universe, and it will bring you joy and peace.

She also has this wild side inside her, and when you least expect it, she will surprise you with her adventurous, free spirit that never rests. This will remind you that you still have so much to discover about this girl.

She’s the kind of girl in whom you can trust with all of your heart, and she will expect the same from you.

You will never regret giving her your trust because she knows how to appreciate such an  expensive gift, and she will expect the same from you. She isn’t going to ignore the bad things you might do in life.

She will let you know that you’ve made a mistake, and she will help you improve yourself, but she will not stay silent. She will always treat everyone with the same amount of love and respect, but she will also fight them when they hurt her.

So, before dating a girl who never gives up, know that she’s not like any other girl you’ve ever met. She is a fighter with a big heart that never gives up on loving those who love her.